Confessing social sins

So lately i realized that i’ve been staying silent in the midst of people (like friends and family) sinning.

But in particular, however, ive been silent about how horribly my dad treats my uncle (slamming doors, giving him dirty looks all the time, being rude).

I want to say something but i feel like i dont have the courage to.

With that being said…can I confess this sin and recieve a valid absolution? I want to try saying something, but i feel weak thinking about it.

Im just worried that this might go against the “firm resolution to not sin.”

It’s debatable whether you as your dad’s child are actually sinning by not calling your dad out on his behavior towards your uncle, who I presume is his brother or brother-in-law.

You could however mention it to the priest and he might (or might not) give you some helpful advice.


How old are you?

The questions the previous posters have asked are important. It may not be your place to tell your dad what to do as you don’t have authority over him, especially if you are young. Tread carefully if you do decide to proceed and seek advice first.

I strongly suggest you pray for your dad (also your uncle) as well asking God what you should do and as the above poster said your priest. All Gods mercy and your responsibility is covered by that. Jesus told St Faustina that if one can’t do a work of mercy or the words of mercy then mercy is fulfilled by prayer. 163 of the diary if you have it.

One other thing to keep in mind is that if your dad and uncle are siblings, or even in-laws who have known each other a long time, there’s likely a big past history there that a person from the next generation might not know or appreciate. Sometimes relationships are not what they appear.

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