Confessing something really embarrising

I’ve done something which has negatively affected someone,[edited]; something which no other adult with their brain intact would do. It still makes me cringe and I feel such shame. How do I go about confessing this to a priest?

Approach confession as you normally do and confess it. Don’t worry about the shame and embarrassment, Priests have heard every sin since creation. If you are truly repentant then you will be okay.

A priest has said when we had a forum on AOL Called “Ask a Priest/Deacon”
that after 6 months of the priesthood they have heard every sin and some they did not even
imagine or think of…
Go to confession and hear the healing words of absolution.
Peace in Christ

Oh, believe me, I’ve been there. I recently confessed something so objectively shocking I was horrified I’d even done it. I thought the priest was really going to let me have it. He did not even blink.

Go with confidence in the Lord, confess with humility and receive absolution. You won’t regret it.

Just say what you did, straight forwardly, without trying to make it seem less than it was, but without exaggerating. And, make it the first sin you confess. Waiting until you have confessed everything else only makes it easier to not confess it, which the Devil wants.

So, just say it. You will be so happy when it has been absolved. Do not delay.

Remember, confession is your cross to carry. You need to confess. Sometimes it can be a heavy cross. Sometimes a light one. Remember how Our Dear Lord suffered on the cross for us and then see that what you carry is tiny compared to that.

Go to confession and be free from your sin. Be pure for Our Lord.

God bless you.

This. Believe me when I say I had some pretty egregious sins to confess, but I knew I had to get that garbage out, so it was the first thing I confessed. Everything else was easy. The priest was so kind and reminded me that those awful sins were GONE.

God bless you.

I think it’s a good thing that you feel the way you feel, I think it means you are truly sorry for your sins. Don’t worry about what the priest will think. As others have said, they have likely heard just about anything and everything there is to hear. Bear the burden of your shame, confess it, and it will be forgiven.

I suggest doing this, also…just blurt it right out the first thing…then go on to any other sins you may have. I like to get the worst out of the way right up front. This poster is so correct…the Devil wants you to be ashamed and afraid to confess. Just ignore him and go anyway!!! Have a blessed Easter!!!

I always write my sins down fully on paper so when I am there I can just read it off without emotion (though last time got the priest to read it for me because I would have got lost in it myself) Though not sure as that was a good idea or not because it meant he was able to ask more soul searching questions and had a much more uncomfortabler time because he was able to work out and remember what I had said through having the paper in his hands to reread himself.

Okay, I am anglican but had picked up that tip here about giving the list to the priest.

But what I mean is that by just reading it out loud, yes it is your words but you have prepared it and you don’t have to think about the emotional side of it. Reading it helps me.

If am going on somewhere after confession, I give the paper to him so he can destroy it so it don’t fall out of my pocket anytime am out and about. If am going straight home then I burn it.

God will hear your embarrassment and already knows you are sorry because you have said so here. You have told everyone here who reads of it so now it be easier to just read it to the priest in confession. He is your friend in confession, even if he does ask awkward questions. That is the skill of our priest, he makes us think and that can be uncomfortable but the aim is for us to get further ahead.

You are sorry and that is what the priest will deal with you and God and that is the part that is important. I know it feels like the embarrassment is the part that is important. But for confession, the part that you are sorry or working on your sorry is what matters here.

Go and get it over with and be happy once again with God.:thumbsup:

I agree the best way is to say your worst sin at the beginning, as it truly does lift the burdon from your heart, and it stops the evil eating away at you. I also wrote my sins down (it had been a very long time since I’d last been to confession) but I didnt give it to the priest I just said I have written things down to help me to remember. I then read out what I had written and I felt lighter and at peace. As others have said our priests have heard so many sins they are kind and compassionate and will help you.

I wish you a blessed Easter and one without the shadow you now feel in your heart.

As has been said, confess it first and quickly.

If you have a closed confessional this easier, if not then keeping your head down as you confess may help. I have recently recognised this in confession - I do not look my priest in the eye between the confession beginning and absolution being given; perhaps this is a subconcious display of the shame I feel at the sins I have to confess? perhaps a way of avoiding the shame I feel at saying those things out loud? I suspect a little of both.

All the best


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