Confessing something you may not have committed

Due to my scrupulous tendencies, my examinations of conscience tend to take what is most likely way too long (considering I go to Confession at least twice a month, usually weekly) and I end up with a pretty detailed list of what are probably mostly venial sins. This week I ended up with a sin on my list I’m not sure I committed this week and forgot a sin I did commit this week. :confused:

I’m fighting through my scrupulosity to see that the latter situation is ok and I may confess it next week if I decide it was mortal (this is the unfortunate thought process of the scrupulous since I should know if it was a mortal sin or not…). During confession, I read and confessed the sin that I probably didn’t commit this week, but did probably commit last week. I didn’t want to feel embarrassed by stopping and explaining the situation and I did think I committed the sin the prior week without confessing it. I have also since been thinking more about the past week and there may have been ways that the sin I confessed may have applied to this week.

From the perspective of the non-scrupulous conscience, did I do anything sinful in this specific case or if this happens in the future? I’m pretty sure I didn’t, but a second opinion would do wonders.

You are ONLY culpable for what you intentionally leave out of the confession. All of your “what if’s” make up the scrupulous thoughts of “am I forgiven?”. Since you go that regularly you should not have any concern. Your last absolution forgave everything and you can mention whatever you think that you missed in your next confession.

Satan wants nothing more than for all of us to go around wondering if we are in the grace of God or not. Go easy on yourself. God is infinite love and He sees your committment to Him. THe Sacrament of Reconciliation is not a checklist of condemnation. It’s a sacrament of healing and peace. Please seek further counseling if this persists. God loves you and you are doing everything right except for the part where you are harder on yourself than God is… teachccd :slight_smile:

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