Confessing Suicidal Thoughts/Actions

Has anyone on here ever had to confess these? If so did you get a bad reaction?

I need to confess these and I plan on doing so on Friday at our First Friday mass/benediction but I am afraid of the reaction I’ll get… I work with some of the youth at my parish and Im afraid my pastor might say I cant work with them anymore if I confess these sins. Then again I know what I say in the confessional is supposed to stay in the confessional…

Confession is a private matter but I might suggest you make a private appointment with a priest so he has time to spend with you to address your concerns and counsel with you instead of just showing up at a normal time. The priest will appreciate you do this for he will be concerned for your well being and you can talk to him about your concerns, again, I note so they can be alleviated.

Peace in Christ,

Yes, and the reaction I got from my confessor was one of sadness (that I was so close to doing it) support and encouragement. I confessed, I was absolved, we both talked, prayed, cried, and hugged (and I’m not one for man hugs). Afterwords he introduced me to the practice of adoration. Best sacramental experience I have ever had.

I’ve confessed thoughts like these in confession and also directly to my spiritual director. They don’t really “react” per se, but give me general advice and are usually gentle in their words.

Suicidal thoughts are quite common, but should not be taken lightly. If you are having these thoughts, you should also talk to a counselor. Your priest may suggest you do this.

Yes. These are temptations. Surprisingly common. Sometimes dwelling on it can constitute sin. I have confessed this more than once.

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