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Hello, well I guess I should begin. About last week I confessed at my parish about a nine month list of sins; with one being a bigger problem than the others at keeping away from (masturbation). Well It has been a week and already I sined. It makes me more disgusted with myself because I was able to not do it by praying, but by the next morning I caved in! Realizing this short space of time I feel like if I go to confession then all I’m doing is setting myself up to feel like “Hey sin in the week, confess on Saturday and your set”. At the moment I don’t have this mind set but just thinking like this makes me feel like any guilt I feel over sining is not valid because I take advantage of my Lords love. So am I abusing confession for asking for it after receiving reconciliation to cease doing it?


No, you are not abusing confession if you are truly sorry and want to work on overcoming this. A habit like this is tough to break, and you have to realize that you are going to have to look to make progress, not overnight success. Don’t get down about having to go to confession each week. Keep going. Still feel bad about the sin though, and really look for ways to avoid it.

If there are certain things that you do that predispose you to wanting to do this, then you need to be very firm with yourself not to do the things that lead to this. While this is a tough habit to overcome, it can be done. You just have to become very aware of what leads you to stumble and remove those obstacles to your chastity.


Just by taking the time to think about this and be concerned enough to post about it says to me that you’re not abusing confession. If you were, you wouldn’t be sorry for your sins, but you are, and you’re in the process of over-coming them. You receive graces in confession that will help you not to sin in the future, so go as often as you need! You can and will kick your habit if you keep praying and receiving the sacraments. :thumbsup:


if it is in the shower, laminate a holy picture and tape it to the shower wall
if there are certain items you use for it, throw them out.
it is an addiction, just as smoking is… etc… all addictions take time to heal.
heck Jesus when he went to heal the blind man had to put mud in his eyes twice… some things take time. keep going to confession, you’ll receive the graces you need to stop eventually.

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