Confession advice please

Hi I’m new here, so sorry if I put this in the wrong place. I’m asking something about Confession .

Prior to returning to Catholicism (but when I was considering it) when I masturbated sometimes images of the Holy Spirit or God would flash into my head. This wasn’t deliberate at all , but I wondered if this would be an additional sin to the masterbation?

Additionally I made a confession a few months ago, I didn’t deliberately conceal anything but as it was the first in many years I missed some sins amd didnt give numbers either . I asked a different priest and he said it was fine , however I’m not too sure if I made the lack of numbers clear when I asked him . I also heard of apostates’ confessions taking hours , however mine only took about 15 minutes.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

God and the Holy Spirit were probably popping into your head to tell you that you shouldn’t sin.

If you repented, confessed, were absolved and are now avoiding sin and the near occasion of sin, I wouldn’t worry about it at this point.

You answered your own question. Sin is a deliberate choice. You didn’t choose that.

And what Tisbearself said is right. Maybe it was a prompting from God to remind you not to sin.



Okay thanks both. And do you think I’m fine in terms of the initial confession ?

Yes, you did what’s called a “general confession,” which, as the name suggests, means you’re confessing generally, i.e. speaking more in terms of tendencies and overall frequency than actual numbers. It would be impossible to give an account of how many times you’d committed a sin over the course of many years, so speaking generally is fine.

You were already told this was fine by a priest, were you not? It’s not wise to go opinion shopping online, especially if you are anxious about these sorts of things.


Okay thanks . Yes I know I shouldn’t, I’m just paranoid because I didn’t feel relieved after it , which others do. Although I suppose Fr Ripperger said demons can control our emotions and so can’t be trusted

Sacramental absolution is not a feeling of relief, it’s an objective fact. You confessed as best as you can, and you were absolved, and that’s that. I rarely feel anything when I go to confession.


Ah okay that’s good to hear. Thanks for your help

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