confession after mass?

I’ve committed mortal sin and I’m not able to go to confession this Saturday. On Sunday I’m leaving to go out of town for over a week, and I really would like to get to confession before I leave. I’m wondering if it’s ok to ask a priest if he’ll hear my confession after mass tomorrow morning. It would have to be a priest I don’t know, because my parish priest only does the 6:30am mass which I cannot make, and so I’m not really sure if it’s appropriate to talk to the priest after mass and ask if he’ll hear my confession since he doesn’t even know who I am. Also I’m worried I might not be able to find him; sometimes priests have a habit of disappearing after daily mass. :-p

Any advice on how to handle this situation? I’m 17 and I’ve never even been to daily mass alone so I’m kind of unsure… thanks and God bless!


Of course it’s ok to ask.
Best thing would to be stop at the sacristry about 15 minutes before Mass and ask the priest if he will hear your confession after Mass. Most will do what they can to accomodate you.

Arrive early and ask the Priest to hear your confession. If the Priest can’t hear your confession before Mass, he should give you the opportunity after Mass. If you have to do it after Mass, don’t receive Communion.

Ok, thanks very much! I’ve only been to this parish once or twice, And I’m not sure how early I’ll be able to make it. But I’ll try to follow your advice; if I can’t talk to the priest before mass, I’ll ask him after and hopefully it will work out. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey I’m also 17 and just yesterday I was a a similiar situation. I had to go to confession and was very nervous because it was my first time going to confession at my church like this. I decided to convince a friend to come with me which was a major help. We are next in line and the priest stops and has to say daily Mass. So we just decide that it won’t happen today and we stay for Mass. After Mass the priest offered confession for those that could not go. I think that priests are very open and flexible when it comes to the sacraments sock think you should go ahead and ask. Also if you are nervous, bring a friend. It always helps.

YES – one may even just call up or walk over to the rectory :slight_smile:

As to After Mass – (of course do not receive Holy Communion–but I imagine you know that) and wait outside the sacristy…or even go in…

I think it depends on the priest and how much value e places in the sacrament. I had asked my own priest to hear my confession after mass after I had been away from the church for 10 years. He rudely and arrogantly flat out refused to hear my confession outside of his non-regularly scheduled confession times. It worked out ok for me though. I went to an FSSP priest in another diocese and started attending mass regularly there and my spiritual life took off.

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