Confession again!



Has anybody here ever used a long list like this to make a confession. Just wondering because it seems very long and would a priest listen to it all. And is it useful to make a long confession like this.



Actually this is very similar to the examine I do use. The idea being that you (hopefully!) will not have committed each of these sins between every confession. Once you start going to confession regularly (every month say), you will find that you just don’t commit certain sins. For example, you wouldn’t commit the sin of missing your required annual confession if you were going every month. Hopefully you would also be trying to contract unlawful marriages or getting an abortion each month. Even venial sins are brought under control by regular confession. That is part of the beauty of it! You may find that you are being to notice and feel remorse for sins you might otherwise not have regarded–for example,

I spoke without necessity of the known faults of others



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