Confession (Again)

So today the Priest didn’t say the correct forumla, replacing ‘from your sins’ with ‘of your sins’.

Was it valid? I don’t doubt that Jesus Christ has forgiven me, I’ve just seen a lot of different things around here!

No I do not think that would invalidate the form …

and the words I absolve you were present …and these words when used even alone have noted as sufficient for validity in classical manuals.

(now if had said I absolve you of your taxes… :)… )

A priest should always use the prescribed formula but one that does not change the essential meaning of the form does not usually invalidate a sacrament.

I think everyone should realize that the Priest forgives sins through the Father.
I absolve you of your sins … or I absolve you from your sins. Are both possesive
grammar in nature which inherently means that you ‘owned’ those sins you have just confessed. The important thing to remember that you ‘owned’ them. As you have just brought them to the Father of all creation and layed them at his feet and prayed for forgiveness.
I am not a Priest so I cannot speak from the Theology side of things. But, I know the scriptures. Jesus said… Repent. John the Baptist said… Repent. The Apostles preached the Gospel to be and live like Jesus and obey the commands of his Father.
I would say. It worked. Bask in the Grace of God and be thankful don’t question him which gives you the very air you breath.

I have the feeling you are way too scrupulous.

As a refresher of your english classes, I trust that you remember the function of a preposition? They simply link the important noun or verb. The words “from” and “of” are simply prepositions and do not change the meaning of the sentence or the intent of the priest. In fact, he need not use any preposition whatsoever in order to convey the reality of absolving you. Example: I absolve your sins - no preposition, and the intent is still clear.

May God enlighten you.

Wouldn’t THAT be cool??? :smiley: Though you might need an IRS agent to do that…

In some ways I miss not having the absolution said in Latin. Nobody worried about whether the priest got it right or not.

I can honestly say that I’ve never paid attention to whether the priest says ‘from’ or ‘of’ during absolution. Maybe I should. :shrug: Since I doubt whether the use of one word or another changes God’s forgiveness, it’s one less thing that I’ll worry about.

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