Confession and Communion Help Needed

I really want to get right with Jesus. I havent been to confession in over 20 years.
I have an annulled marriage and am now remarried. Will I be able to recieve communion after I go to confession? I am anxious to get back to church and start recieving communion again. I would like to know what I need to do to get on the right path. Thanks
for the help.

Hi Angelina and welcome to CAF and how wonderful you are seeking to come fully back to the church.This is truly a blessing.God bless you

Please try to remember God already knows your heart and your sincerity.Take courage my friend and go to confession.Write down what you want to say before you go (briefly) and take it in with you.You could start with"Bless me Father it has been about 20yrs since my last confession".The priest will be thrilled that you have taken the courage to attend confession (‘sacrament of reconciliation’).Lent is a perfect time to dso this too.Our parish priest tells us regularly how wonderful it is for any priest to have soemone come back to the church after time away.After all the priests main role is for our souls, so you will be warmly welcomed.I don’t know where in the world you live but im positive your local priest will be very welcoming.

You don’t have to go to your own parish if you prefer you can attend any confession at any parish anonymously.Many people are and have been in your position,please take heart that you aere very welcome back my friend.

‘The basic requirement for a good confession is to have the intention of returning to God like the “prodigal son” and to acknowledge our sins with true sorrow before the priest.’

If you need help–especially if you have been away for some time–simply ask the priest and he will help you by “walking” you through the steps to make a good confession.’

Reconciliation is the act or state of re-establishing friendship between God and a human being, or between two persons. When one sins, after baptism, this sacrament is needed to restore one’s relationship with God. Also, since all Christians are connected together through the body of Christ this sacrament reconciles one with the church. Belive it or not, but when one sins he/she is destroying their relationship with God. Sin damages or even breaks fraternal communion. This sacrament restores it.

Prayer to St. Gerard Majella for a good confession.

St. Gerard, Patron of a Good Confession, who gave courage to souls whom fear and shame had overcome; who gave sorrow to their hearts, resolution to their wills, truth to their faltering lips; help me to make a good Confession.
Enable me to know my sins, to be truly sorry for them, and to be firmly resolved, with God’s grace, never to sin again.
Help me to confess my sins humbly and sincerely, to confess them in the spirit of faith, as confessing them to Our Lord Himself.
Stand by me in this Confession, O gentle Saint, an angel of God sent to free me from sin. Amen.

No matter what, go to confession. It is a real charge to life’s batteries. Walking out of a church, free from sin, is one of life’s greatest moments. It beats anything else you could do! And, yes, you can receive Our Lord after you have confessed and have completed your act of contrition. You will feel the love of God.

If you had a declaration of nullity on your first marriage, you are free to marry in the Church. The only catch is that you are marrying a person who is also free to marry in the Church.

It’s so good that you are wanting to get right with Jesus :slight_smile:
Ok, as to your question, first off, I’m not an expert, but have went through the annulment and remarriage thing myself, so my advice comes from my personal experience. To get the personal answer you’re looking for however, you should speak with a priest. :slight_smile:
In my situation my prior marriages were all annulled as well, but because I am baptized Catholic and didn’t marry in the church, my current marriage is considered invalid because I was bound by Church law to marry in the Church.
I’m assuming you’re Baptized Catholic as well, which would mean you would be bound by Church law as well, unless you received a dispensation.
It’s an easy fix though. If you’re current husband is Baptized Catholic just have the marriage convalidated at a Parish, if he’s Baptized Protestant then your Priest will have to send off a form to your Bishop and then you can have the marriage convalidated. If you’re current husband isn’t Baptized, your Priest would need a different form to have the Bishop approve it and then have the marriage convalidated.
My marriage is about to be convalidated and then the way my priest is working it, is that I’m going to go to Confession first, then have my marriage convalidated, then have my first Communion.
I hope this helps :slight_smile:
Welcome back! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Yes Georgia is right and I forgot to add this, your current husband must be free to marry in the Church (not previously married etc) in order to have your marriage convalidated. If he is not, he’ll need to get that straight before the convalidation.

My husband was baptized baptist and we married in the baptist church. I made an appointment with the priest and he is coming to my house sometime next week.

That’s great Angelina:thumbsup:

Sounds like a very good pastor, coming to your home and not wanting you to go to him:thumbsup:

God bless!

yes as long as your new marriage was conducted according to Church law, you could have gone to confession and communion any time in the last 20 years, why not make Lent this year the time so we can rejoice with you?

the hooting and hollering you hear is all of us rejoicing that you are coming home. the priest will help you with convalidating your marriage and return to the sacraments. woo woo:thumbsup:

Congratulations and welcome home - Joe K.

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