Confession and Eucharist before Confirmation


So I was baptized Catholic, but was never confirmed and also have never taken my first communion or gone to confession. I am planning on joining an RCIA class but am wondering if I can go to confession and start participating in the eucharist?


No, that is part of what you will do in RCIA. One requires instruction before receiving these sacraments.


This is a matter to discuss with yourastor.

As a Catholic, RCIA is not the appropriate place for you, adult conformation class is. If your parish cannot support both types of catechesis then your pastor may want you to attend the RCIA classes. But the rites and process are not for you.

There is no reason for you to refrain from confession and Eucharist while awaiting the appropriate time to approach the bishop for confirmation. Simply set up a time with you pastor to discuss the subject of you commencing with both. You should certainly make an appointment to make a good confession as soon as possible.


This is not accurate. The OP is a Catholic, RCIA rites and processes do not apply to him/her.


I have been on a RCIA team and have had quite a few Catholics who were never confirmed and got quite a bit out of the classes, so yes you could go to RCIA. I would talk to your Priest but I do believe that once you go to confession you should be able to receive the Eucharist. But I would make sure you understand exactly what the Eucharist is, this is why talking to the Priest is VERY important. He can tell you when your ready to take such a wonderful step. Congratulations on your decision to return home and participate in the Sacraments!:thumbsup:


Except that the OP has never prepared for nor received confession and Eucharist. We don’t just decide on our own to start receiving sacraments without any preparation.

Paragraph 400 of the Rite as adapted for the US starts out:

  1. The following pastoral guidelines concern adults who were baptized as infants either as Roman Catholics or as members of another Christian community but did not receive further catechetical formation nor, consequently, the sacraments of confirmation and eucharist…

So RCIA is the place to prepare for these sacraments.

I agree with you that someone lacking only confirmation does not belong in RCIA even though they often end up there as well.


I will say I am not deciding this on a whim. I have researched and read for the past year. I have read the catechism and feel comfortable with my knowledge of the sacraments. :slight_smile:


This isn’t a do-it-yourself project. You need to talk with your pastor and will most likely be directed to RCIA. Your advance preparation and experience with the Church will be a benefit to others who are newer to the process.


I’m not taking this on as a diy project. And I was already planning on talking with the pastor. I have been preparing myself to participate fully in the Mass and now feel spiritually ready. I just wasn’t sure if I needed to participate in RCIA or equivalent beforehand.


I never said otherwise. I said to make an appointment with the pastor.

Yes, I said it was a place for receiving catechesis if the parish doesn’t have two programs.
The rites, however, are not for those baptized as Catholics. And, the priest cannot confirm an adult Catholic without faculties from the bishop.

I think we are agreeing.

What I hope to clarify for the OP is that as a Catholic above the age of reason there is nothing canonically impeding the immediate reception of confession and holy communion. The OP should make this desire known to the pastor.


You need to do whatever kind of preparation your pastor thinks is appropriate.

If my pastor were to ask my opinion, I would recommend RCIA.

But you also need to understand that RCIA isn’t intended as an 8-month class that everyone sits through together. For those already baptized, the process should be as long as it needs to be and no longer. However, parishes implement RCIA in different ways and for many it really is treated as a class where everyone does everything at the same time. I guess it gets the job done even if it’s not exactly according to the Church’s vision of things.

Ultimately you will complete your sacraments of initiation and that will be a huge blessing.


Your best bet to get a definitive answer, is to telephone or go to your nearest Catholic Rectory and ask to speak with a priest.
Only a priest, face to face with you, is able to determine whether you are catechized well enough to be able to make Confession and receive the Holy Eucharist. You cannot possibly get a definite answer about this on the internet. The Laity are not qualified to make this determination.


Oh nooooooo…violent agreement has broken out on an Internet forum. :slight_smile:


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