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My name is Josh Kennedy. I am blind. My wife is blind, my three year old son is sighted. I got my marriage blessed a few months ago and will be going to capella online university for information technology. For months now I have wanted an apple computer because it has really good accessibility built right into it, the voiceover screen reader utility is built in. Yes so ever since I started going back to church after coming home from tthe colorado center for the blind I have been trying to make a habbit of going to confession at least once per week and communion once per wek. Well in the confessional I told the priest that for a long time now to gain access to my current computer I had to pirate or use illegal copies of software, cracked, pirated stuff and that I wished to be able to eventually stop doing this. Well I did research, found capella university, I’m getting an apple computer which means no more pirating screen reader software eever again! Furthermore I’m the first person in my state to get an apple computer from vocational rehab services for the blind. It sounds to me like God heard my prayers in the confessional, and is not only getting me a new commputer to go back to school online, but he’s getting me one of the top of the line best computers there is! Now my next step is to trust God to help provide a way for me a way to pay for the education I’ll be receiving and to help to get me a good job to better take care of my family! I think this is really cool! Not only do I get my sins forgiven, but in a relatively short amount of time, Godd’s time of course I also get a top of the line laptop, braille display docment scanner bookPort or Book Sense and things? It’s so cool that I ask for a way to or ask for help or a way out to avoid a particular sin and all of a sudden all this cool stuff comes my way that I can use to benefit my family and me! So what do you all think of this? God’s work, or just cooincidence? I say God’s behind it and I’m glad of that!



Dear Josh,

What an awesome thing confession is!!! Absolution, tons of grace and just like the prodigal son, a celebration to boot! And your celebration includes cool gifts!

And just like you, after the son came home and the party ended, the son had to buckle down and follow his father’s plan again. Our father’s plan is always the best plan.

Keep us posted. Let us know how goes school for you!


What wonderful news, Josh. I am so happy for you and your family. Our God is so wonderful. Nothing is too difficult for Him.

Please keep us posted.


I am very happy for you Josh! You will be very happy with a Mac computer! You can pick from a lot of different voices for your screen reader on a mac and the whole computer is completely accessible from the moment you take it out of the box. The voice quality is so much better than on Windows computers, in my opinion anyway. It will open up a whole new world and will make computer use and accessing the internet much easier. Plus, if you need assistance, the folks at the Apple/Mac Genius bar are great about providing help.

Keep trusting in God and praying. He will give you the resources you need to provide for your family. These don`t always come on our timeline but He takes care of us.




Coincidence is the name that God uses when He wants to remain anonymous.


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