Confession and Mortal Sin.

What do you confess when you go to confession but have no mortal sins?

I always hear about people going monthly but I don’t presume they commit mortal sins regularly.

I will be going to confession in a couple of weeks for Divine Mercy and if I am not in mortal sin what can I confess?

Sometimes when I go to confession I may add that I was humble enough or charitable enough but I read on this site that it is a mortal sin if you thought a venial sin that you committed was mortal by mistake. Not that I think my lack of humility is mortal.


Just tell him anything you have struggled with that makes you question your sinfulness. He will do the interpreting for you!

You can bring venial sin for which you are sorry. And
You can bring a mortal sin you have previously confessed but it can be mentioned in a devotional manner. In fact, because of the possibility that one may not always be truly sorry for a venial sin, bringing a formerly confessed mortal sin is recommended.

Our parish had a very good examination of conscience in the bulletin on Sunday. Things that if you read it, you would think, ohhh, I do that, I do that, yup, that one too. :rolleyes:
You can probably find a copy of one online somewhere.

Just confess venial sins.

Sometimes when I go to confession I may add that I was humble enough or charitable enough but I read on this site that it is a mortal sin if you thought a venial sin that you committed was mortal by mistake.


I am really confused by this. Are you saying that you read it is a mortal sin if you were mistaken about a venial sin committed being mortal?:confused:

I am confused by this. You are saying that you read that it is a mortal sin if you believe that a venial sin committed was mortal?:confused:

Hi Nelka,

I like to use different Examinations of Conscience, to help refresh my mind of what types of sins I might need to confess.

Also, if I have any questions about whether or not a situation was a sin–if I’m not sure–I’ll ask the priest to explain it for me, so that I know and understand.

Here are some different Examinations that I have posted links to that you can take a look at if you’re interested. There are other different examinations on-line that ask different questions, so you can always search for more.

Here are some of my favorites that I wanted to share with you:

Yes, like running a stop sign, not putting enough in the collection plate, being a little callous to a clerk, guessing on your taxes… old sins…

What Nelka means is that:

If you commit an act which is objectively venial in severity, but you believe at the time that it is grave matter, and you willfully consent to it while believing it is grave matter, you commit a mortal sin.

I go fortnightly, sometimes weekly. Pretty sure I have no mortal sin. I have no idea really, though.
My Priest says Confession is such a Grace and we should do it frequently if possible.
I am starting to identify things like gossip, envy, uncharitable thoughts words and deeds, impatience. Anger, etc. Its like a small advice session too, the Priest gives out advice. And uncannily, they remember what was last discussed if that is bought up.

At the heart of things though Nelka, we really need to discuss our sins with our Priest to determine if a, what we thought, is the opposite, etc.

Thanks for clearing that up as I was a little worried and confused.

Thank you! That explanation really helps me to understand it:)

I try to get there monthly. However, lately, I feel like I would like to go weekly. It is hard for me to get there. as I am caregiver for my mother with dementia. It is really hard to find someone to sit with her, so I can go. Sometimes, I will leave her alone for a brief period.

I am starting to think that I may have confession scrupulosity, though. It is not that I worry if something is a sin, but more if it was a mortal sin, and do I need confession before receiving communion. I am going to ask the priest that I frequent for confession about this. I find myself doubting if my previous confession was valid, and if I am in a state of grace to receive communion. For so many years, I have not gone to confession. I made up my own rules and felt confession without a middle person was sufficient.

I believe that frequenting Eucharistic Adoration has brought me back. I feel such remorse for all that I have done to offend God. Looking at the crucifix really does it for me. I pray the Divine Mercy everyday. And, I feel that I need to get to confession more often. I do feel better once I go.

I had such a loss of sense of sin for so many years.

I go try to go to Confession weekly and very seldom do I have a mortal sin to confess.

I always confess sins against the First Commandment - most of the time I put things or myself first in my life instead of putting God first.
I often skip prayer times, in disobedience to the promises I’ve made as a Lay Carmelite.
My anger often leads me to sin against the Fifth Commandment.
I struggle with Pride, Sloth, and Gluttony.

These are all venial sins but they add up over the week. I go to Confession for the Grace which gives me the strength to overcome these and other sins. After years of this practice I’ve grown spiritually and it shows in how I interact with others.

Ineeda, this is a bit off topic, but I know here, a Priest will go to a home to hear a Confession if there are circumstances like yours.
we also have Ministers who take Eucharist to homebound on Sundays.

I would imagine this is the same everywhere?

Also have you investigated respite, or in home help specific to your mum’s needs?
My residential care facility has a 100yo who comes in for 28 days each year, for respite. This respiter is quite active still, works as a writer, and really enjoys the break from normal activities.

Thank you, Roseerekacross. I do have an application to see what we can get for services from our local Area on Aging Agency. I would be thrilled just to get a sitter, for few hours a week.

I did make it to confession, yesterday. My daughter was able to sit with her while I went. I try to make it for First Saturday, but I did not make it last week. And, hopefully, I can make it for Divine Mercy Sunday. I was able to make it last year.

My mother did have our former Deacon bring her weekly Communion. However, we have had many changes in our parish. Our Deacon has retired, we have gone under restructuring of the parish. We are a secondary parish and share a priest with another one that has three other parishes merged. This poor priest now has the equivalence of four parishes! God bless our priests! They will be organizing a Eucharistic Minster schedule to the homebound in the next few weeks.

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