Confession and Sins

I’ll be going to confession in a few days. (I am scrupolus btw.) I feel like i have commited many sins. If i confess them and i actually didnt commit them. Would that be lying and would it invalidate the confession.

Tell the priest you suffer from scruples and you need spiritual direction.

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You have scruples about your scruples. :open_mouth:

Let me begin with a Public Service Announcement:

Confessions this week will often be on a different schedule in parishes because of the Triduum. Check schedules carefully for planning purposes.

OK, now I’m done with that PSA, let me share another.

If you go to confession this week, and try to have a chat with Father about “is this a sin” or “was that a sin” he will likely have to cut you off before you feel done, because this is THE week that sooooo many people go to confession, and those lines are going to be LONG.

If you intend to have a long conversation, this should take place outside the time set up for everyone to go to confession. In other words, make an appointment if you want a conversation.

In the confessional, 1ke gives excellent advice: “Father, I suffer from scruples. I know what I want to confess, but I will need your direction as I confess.” Direct, humble, contrite. :+1:t4:

So to answer your actual question:

You can confess whatever sins you think you have committed, and there is nothing wrong if some of those things weren’t actually sins you committed.

God is more interested in your contrition and your intention to amend your life, not in your data being flawless.

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Thank you and I am going by appointment.

Excellent! God bless you abundantly!

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