Confession And Sorrow For Sin

Hi. I’m currently in the RCIA program at my parish. I have somewhat of a problem that may hinder me once I am baptized and I have to make a confession sometime after that.

I do not feel sorry for my sin. Not that I think I was right to do it at the time or that I feel what I did was not sin. I know it was sin, I know it was wrong to do. But I do not feel sorrow for my sins. I don’t feel good about them either. What am I to do when it comes to confession? I have what seems like a heart of stone but not one of defiance or justification for my sins. I just dont feel penitent or sorrowful for my sin. Has anybody else experienced this? How will this hinder my confessions? What can I do to change this?

Thanks for taking the time to read this :slight_smile:

As long as you know your sins were wrong and you resolve to do your best not to do them again, that is sufficient contrition.

In the sacrament of Confession, “imperfect contrition” (e.g. contrition out of mere fear of damnation) is enough to be absolved of your sins. “Perfect contrition”, where we are sorry b/c we have offended God, is better, but not necessary for the Sacrament.

So, don’t worry, the Sacrament will be valid, and you will be forgiven.

In order to enhance your contrition, perhaps meditating on the Passion of Christ would be helpful, so as to better understand what he suffered for our sins.

God Bless

Also, a lot of people seem to think that ‘sorrow’ must be this incredibly deep, ‘gut wrenching’ type of feeling that literally knocks them off their feet, and they become confused and upset when they don’t feel what they think is ‘right.’

Have you ever experienced the sensation of having your foot, leg, arm or hand ‘fall asleep’? You’ve kept it in one position so long that it becomes ‘numb’ to feeling and it stays that way for some time. . .then slowly, as feeling/circulation returns, it first ‘prickles’, has ‘some’ sensitivity, and then over time returns to full sensitivity.

So a person just ‘starting out’ with confession may be in a state of spiritual ‘numbness’ having had his/her soul in ‘one position’ for so long. It doesn’t mean that he/she does not feel true sorrow–it means that there is a condition (temporary, if the ‘position’ has been changed) keeping him/her from fully sensing that sorrow. And it might ‘prickle’ for a while as the person’s soul stretches out from the cramped position back into ‘proper position.’

God bless.

These answers are very good so far, thank you. So I will definately be able to make a valid confession whilst like this? I thought some sort of sorrow or penitence was needed but all I seem to have is that I know I have sinned and it was wrong, but no feeling, you know. This post isnt calling for a stop to the replys though, so please continue posting :slight_smile:

It is always unwise to rely on feelings. What you need for a good confession is to recognize that what you have done is wrong and offensive to God, to have some regret about having done it, and most importantly, to resolve to do your best to avoid the sin from now on. You can do all of this without feeling deep emotion.

If, at some point you do feel deep emotion, thank God for it but don’t assume it will always be that way.

Sorrow, like love, is an act of the will.

You’ll be fine - and welcome home!


you may not realise this but at baptism you are forgiven of your sins you only need to confess the sins comitted after you are baptised and for feelings contrition do the best you can i hope that helps

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