Confession Anxieties & Questions

Hi! I have a questions so please bear with me. :slight_smile:

I’m going to Confession next week and I’m really nervous… I’m afraid that the priest is going to get mad at me. Are there any specific prayers I can say that can help me?

Also, I honestly can’t remember how many times I committed certain sins. So, what exactly should I say?

Is there a good examination of conscience that anyone can give me? Preferably ones for tweens/teens?

Oh, and can someone remind me about the format of Confession?

I’m overjoyed and scared at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t even know those feelings were possible! (There’s a first to everything, right?)

Anyway, thank you so much for all of your help! I know this is a common topic, but I really appreciate your responses! :smiley:

I am glad you asked this, and that I saw…I just got back from Confession!

Most Confessionals have the prayers, format, etc. inside them. Most Priests understand that you come to Confess your sins not to be judged but to be forgiven.

However, they can only forgive you if you are truthful and open to their forgiveness.

After a quick search I found this:

It seems to be reliable and easy to understand.

Most Confessionals have two options, face-to-face and screened. I like the screened better, but I think everyone should try the face-to-face one first.

What I usually do before Confession, is Confess all my sins to the Heavenly Father and try my besst to remember them for Confession. I also keep my mind in deep prayer on my way to Confession, less distractions.

I hope I helped. God Bless.

~ Pius :knight1:

Tell the priest who you will be confessing to all of these things.
He is there to help you, not get mad at you.

Peace be with you!

PS: be very careful about any EOC that you may see on the internet, some are wonderful, others not so much. Until I became more comfortable with the sacrament and wrote my own EOC, I used the US Catholic Catechism for Adults section on the 10 Commandments. It was a wonderful guide for me when I first returned to the Church.

I agree wholeheartedly, however, I invite you to look through the link I posted.

~ Pius :knight1:

Thank you both! One thing I failed to mention is that this is at school in our chapel. (I go to a Catholic school! :D) Screened confessions are not available; face to face only. (That’s what makes me nervous the most…) I am almost positive that we will talk about Confession in the days leading up to the actual day. I just prefer to know a little more before.

I looked at the website and it is very informative and helpful. Thank you! :slight_smile:

You don’t have to have an exact count of your sins. You can say something like “I have committed this sin often” or “I have committed this sin frequently.” My last confession was to cover sins I committed long ago, like 35 years ago. I just said, “I have (blanked) many times in the past.” It’s not that important what you say exactly, it IS important that you acknowledge your sin, have repented and want to stop sinning.

Keep this in perspective. Priests have heard every single sin that anyone can think of. Pretty sure that if they don’t throw a conniption at someone who has committed murder, they aren’t going to get angry at you either! :slight_smile:

If it helps you, feel free to write yourself notes, so you don’t forget anything, and if you feel uncomfortable, just look down at your note card or whatever.

Absolution feels so good, your nervousness will seem silly! Just imagine that you are face-to-face with Jesus and he is smiling at you. It’s a wonderful sacrament, treasure it!

Since we are on the subject of confessing sins, I was also wondering…

Is it a Mortal sin to take communion under Mortal sin?


Yes, it is.:frowning:

Thank you for the reply.

Confession is tomorrow. Ill be ready.

I can’t remember a priest ever being angry with me, even when I’d broken every rule in the book. Sure he pretty much threw “the book” at me, when it came to penance, but at the same time, I needed it, and he was generous, and loving, and he never once raised his voice. The priests are commisioned to do the work of Christ, which involves discipline, but love and forgiveness. Pray, ask for a good confession, and for total submission to the will of Christ. It always helps me to ask the Blessed Virgin for her intercession.

When you say “threw the book” at you, what exactly do you mean?

Also, what types of penances do priests usually give? :confused:

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