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Has anyone tried the confession iphone app and is it any good? I was thinking of getting it.

I have tried three different apps 1. Iconfess, 2. Mea Culpa, 3. Confession. They are all about the same, they have Examination of Conscience and different appropriate prayers for use during Confession, and give you a handy list to read off to the priest. They are all also password protected so no one can sneak a look.
The main thing to remember when using these apps is that they are only meant to be an aid to “jog” your memory for mortal sins and other sins that you may otherwise have forgotten, and not replace the Sacrament itself.
But of the three I have used I would definitely recommend the third one called simply “Confession”. By Little i Apps. It will customize your Examination to your age and sex, (the other two have just have a “one size fits all” approach. I also like the overall appearance and function of this one over the others.
Good Luck!

Is there an app like this for people who do not own anything I related?

Of course, the old fashioned printed Examination of Conscience guides will still work. :wink:

However, if you have a smart phone and you are looking for a similar app, I’m sure there are some out there. For example, the makers of iPhone app which has gotten so much media attention recently made it available to persons with smart phones using the Android operating system.

I have iConfess and used it regularly for a couple of months. I thought it was a great tool for examination of conscience, as it addresses a multitude of sins under the umbrella of the Ten Commandments as well as the Seven Deadly Sins.

I always write my sins down to bring into confession, lest I should forget something I intend to confess. I actually brought the iPhone with the open iConfess app into the confessional a couple of times (behind the screen), but found that to be a little cumbersome and distracting. I find it best to use the app for the examination, and then jot down the sins I plan to confess either on a piece of paper or the iPhone notepad.

One warning about iConfess, and I could be wrong about this, but I believe that if you forget your password there's no way to retrieve it.

I have tried “Let’s Confess” iPhone App… This is a unique service that does its job well. The level of anonymity is strong… Good Luck to you…

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