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I have an appointment tomorrow for confession with a priest I don’t know. I spoke with him over the phone, and he was very kind and since the confession that’s available tomorrow (Wednesday) is not long, and I was hoping to make it a different time with him so in case I take long… But, he said he would start earlier in order to give me time. I am writing down my list and It’s getting loong and I think it’s just me being scrupulous but I’m afraid it might be too long and than I will hold up other people who are there for confession. But, I wanted to go before Easter because I need to take the Eucharist … As it is required??

My question is, is it a sin if I don’t take Eucharist on Easter (vigil mass) and wait until after Easter for confession and then take the Eucharist?

Thank you!


You have an appointment for confession.

You fear you are currently in mortal sin (I assume, otherwise you’d have no need to refrain from Eucharist).

Just go to your appointment. Why would you defer it? Especially if you are in mortal sin! (which may be doubtful if you are scrupulous anyway)

If your list is getting unmanageably long, then cross out everything other than certain mortal sins. Go and confess those, and leave everything else out (there is no obligation to confess venial sins). Or make two lists: a) certain mortal sins, that you insist father hears, and b) doubtful mortal sins and other venial sins, that you confess if time permits. And let your priest advise you re time. He seems to have made the effort to accommodate you, so there should not be any problems.

No, I haven’t answered your question. Given the above it is irrelevant.


I think if you have no mortal sins you don’t need to go to confession, except of course, once a year, although we are encouraged to go more. Not going once year is a mortal sin.

Our venial sins are forgiven at Mass but not our mortal sins. I think you can go to communion on Easter if you can’t make it to confession until later, if all you have to confess are venial sins.


Actually, the obligation is only to confess “grave” sins at least once a year. ie motral sins. There is no obligation to go to confession when one has not commited mortal sin.



A lot of them I think are venial but I just want to confess everything to make sure. I sometimes feel like most sins are mortal, even though they probably are not (if that makes sense). In the examination if conscious for example, says that gossiping falls under the commandment for thou shall not kill.

The two lists is a good idea though.


[quote=underacloud]No, I haven’t answered your question. Given the above it is irrelevant.

I get it. You want to be supportive and demonstrate that it’s possible for the OP to go through with their scheduled time for confession. That’s laudable.

But, the OP seems to be struggling with scrupulosity; so, if s/he is unable to make this appointment, or another person dealing with scrupulosity happens to read this thread, then we haven’t helped ease their minds at all. So, let’s correct that:

There is no obligation to receive the Eucharist on Easter Sunday, per se. Catholics have an obligation to receive the Eucharist at least once a year. That obligation should be met during the Easter season (that is, not just on Easter Sunday). So, if a Catholic were conscious of mortal sin on Easter Sunday, then it would not be a sin if he refrained from receiving communion on Easter, but rather, went to confession later and received communion after receiving absolution.


No. It would not be a sin to skip Communion on Easter Vigil or Easter Sunday, BUT, you have an appointment for confession, why waste it and miss out? There have been several posters in the last few days, desperately wanting to go to confession before Sunday and they can’t find a priest. God has sent you a confessor, go and do your best.:wink:


Fair enough.

To be precise then, the precept requires all Catholics to receive the Eucharist at least once a year. This need not even be during the Easter season, if there is a just cause…and being in mortal sin would presumably be a just cause.

"Can. 920 §1. After being initiated into the Most Holy Eucharist, each of the faithful is obliged to receive holy communion at least once a year.

§2. This precept must be fulfilled during the Easter season unless it is fulfilled for a just cause at another time during the year."

In modern times, where confession is freely available to most and Eucharistic reception is the norm among laity, there would be little need for the above to apply, but anyone who has concerns should set their minds at ease that they do not heap more sin upon themselves if they refrain from receiving the Eucharist during the Easter season because they are in mortal sin. There is ample opportunity during the rest of the year to meet this precept.


So it is not a mortal sin not to go to confession at least once a year or receive communion? I thought it was.


For confession, no, the precept only *strictly *applies to grave sins. So if you have not committed grave sin, there is no obligation. It’s still certainly encouraged of course, and many commentators will note that in reality an annual confession is a practical minimum for anyone seeking to grow in faith and virtue.

Here is the canon law - Canon 989, “All the faithful who have reached the age of discretion are bound faithfully to confess their grave sins at least once a year.”

The obligation to receive Eucharist at least once a year is binding. As per the quote offered, this should be during the Easter season, unless there is a just reason that it needs to occur at another time.

I hope that helps.


Thanks. It seems as though everyone in church gets up and goes to communion each Sunday. Our priest said mortal sin must be a thing of the past since so many go to communion and so few goes to confession. He was trying to encourage confession but it seems that is right.


I remember hearing that one must go to confession once a year; i think I was told that when talking about how frequently I must go (worrying it was not very good if I didn’t go every month)… I remember being told that the church only required once a year, but it is good to go more often… I may remember wrong but I think that is how I was told.


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