Confession as an excuse?

I am guilty of a serious habitual sin which I confessed of nearly every week, to the extent of which my confessor told me to go to confession less as he believed going to confession was an excuse for me to not try my best to stop sinning. Should I follow his suggestion? And what if I still keep sinning nontheless?

In one of his CD’s Scott Hahn has describe the same scenario with himself. He went to his confessor and advised that he returns each week with the “same sin’s” repeatedly. His confessor told him, “what, you want new sins?”.

We all have habits, however, if the habit is a mortal sin, the question is truly valid are you relying upon confession, to set you free, and the more importantly - how do you know you will get to confession after your habitual mortal sin instead of dieing? We neither know the time and place when GOD will call us. A mortal habitual sin is like gambling, will I make to the confessional before I die.

I feel your pain. The right answer is to stop the sin. I know it is tough but we have to try. Habit is a terrible curse so we have to try and break the cycle even if it is for an extra day. When you think you might sin start praying. It is hard to sin while saying the Hail Mary. Get out for a walk, call a friend, go to Adoration but try to substitute something good for the sin. Jump on this website and reply to a couple questions. God will know you are trying and send Grace to you for strength. I know it is not easy from first hand experience but hang in there. May God send you abundant Graces to help you.

Yes. And if you have committed the sin and can’t confess, you really can’t take communion. That may be a motivator.

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