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i want to make a prayer corner in my home.i cant go to church,i have copd,i cough alot. god hears our prayers i can i have my confession at home without a priest?god bless all nettie:bowdown2: :angel1: :gopray2: :signofcross:



The short answer is that you can’t ever have confession without a priest, so what you need to do is call your priest whenever you need confession, explain your situation and ask him to come and visit you at home.

He can hear your confession in your home, and bring you the Eucharist at the same time, so it’s really the only alternative if you can’t make it to church for confession or Mass.

In fact you should ask him to give you anointing of the sick as well (which is not just a sacrament for the dying, but for anyone who is really ill as you are).

You’re basically in the same situation for practical purposes as someone who is in hospital - so you have every right to ask the priest to either visit you weekly or send a Minister around with the Eucharist for you on Sundays.


Of course you can have a prayer corner in your own home!! It is a wonderful place to go to and sit and pray, to converse with our Lord! You can confess your sins to God without a priest…don’t be afraid to do that. God still hears and undertands. HE knows your situation. Don’t put God in a box and say that He can only work in one way and that is it. That’s putting limits on God. If you can’t have a priest there, then you do the next best thing. Just because Protestants don’t go to a priest or their pastor for confession, doesn’t mean that God doesn’t hear them! You do the best you can for your situation and let God take care of the rest!


This is highly dangerous advice. Every Catholic is obliged to confess their mortal sins to a priest unless it’s next to impossible for them to do so. Protestants can’t confess to a priest in any event, so the rule doesn’t apply to them. God doesn’t expect impossibilities like Protestants going to Catholic confession, but He does expect us to make our best efforts.

For the OP all confession takes is a phone call to the nearest parish, and a visit from the priest, so it’s not even nearly impossible, and unless she’s done so already we can’t say she’s made her best effort either. Therefore she is obligated to do so.

Of course it doesn’t mean she can’t pray for orgiveness in the meantime, or that God won’t understand if it’s literally impossible for whatever reason, but it really doesn’t sound like it is in her case.


A prayer corner is a good plan and I ask the Lord to bless you in your prayers. I ask God to give you courage to contact your parish so that the priest knows to administer the Sacraments to you as Lily wisely advises.

May God abundantly bless you…Trishie :slight_smile:


Praying so you can find a near by priest to hear your confession and administer the Eucharist and prayers…


Ps…good advice!


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