Confession away from one's parish


One of our priests joked that he was offering “free confessions” in order to encourage it. Unfortunately, the confession lines are not very long at most churches. I’m not sure what people are afraid of. The priests that I associate with are very willing to hear confessions, and they’re very polite and respectful, but also charitable in recognizing sin.


There is no need for long lines for confession if the Sacrament is offered several times per week in each parish.


Right. The FSSP parish near me always has a few people in line oh, but it is rarely long because confessions are offered every day.


I once attended a penance service in which participants were to file into the Sanctuary to the Baptismal Font and bless one another. There was hand-holding during recitation of The Lord’s Prayer and a thrice repetition of Oh God! Hear Us! Hear Our Prayer!

Oddly enough. That last item also serves as the singalong the local pastor initiates following Prayers of The Faithful at Mass during the Lenten Season. A topic for another thread.


Just to clarify, we help guide our RCIA group on how to make a good confession. And do encourage them to confess at the parish but sometimes because of their schedule they go outside the parish. We have asked if our priests would hear confessions for RCIA as a group but they say they dont have time.


I’m baffled by the idea of priests not being able to make time to hear at least the first confession by an RCIA group. If it’s truly a huge group, then split it into subgroups, 5 people on Tuesday, 5 people on Wednesday, 5 people on Thursday, etc.

The priests are there first and foremost to administer sacraments. Reconciliation is a sacrament. There is no one else, not a deacon or a lay minister, who can hear confessions. This task should be right up there with Mass, last rites, baptisms, and marriages.


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