Confession before Confirmation

Hi all,

I submitted this to the AAA forum but as it didn’t get selected I figured I’d ask here!

My RCIA program was…um…perhaps not the most rigorous/orthodox one. :o None of us went to confession before we were confirmed and given Communion. At the time I didn’t know that confirmandi were supposed to be in a state of grace when they received Confirmation.

This has been bugging me since I learned it and have been thinking about it.

Of course I’ve been to confession many times since then, but I’m wondering if not having been in a state of grace at Confirmation has any repercussions.

Thanks for your thoughts!


It only means that the graces of Confirmation were not operative until you confessed. Now you have received all the graces of Confirmation.

Ahhh. That makes sense. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

This happens more often than you think, Gen. But that doesn’t mean it is good; pray for all Confirmation candidates.

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