Confession before Confirmation

So currently I’m trying to get involved with classes to officialy convert, since I’m already baptize am I able to go to confession before I’m confirmed?

Ok, I’m so sorry if you read my previous post, I am very wrong. What actually happened was I was told you have the desire for confession, you are in a state of grace until confirmation, at which time you will then make you’re first confession.

Last summer I was allowed to go to confession a few weeks before my confirmation. Otherwise It would have been awkward for me to be confirmed in front of everyone but then not take communion until I had a chance to go to confession. I had been baptized in the United Methodist Church many years ago.

I think this is standard procedure.

As you prepare to enter the Church you’ll have an opportunity to go to confession. This happens near the time you will be received into the Church, be confirmed, and receive communion.

One should be in the state of grace. i.e. without mortal sin. when receiving the sacraments of Eucharist, Confirmation, Matrimony, or Ordination.

I had to have confession before confirmation.

you will be prepared for and celebrate your first confession some time before your confirmation and first communion as part of the process. The sacraments are for Catholics and that includes a candidate for full reception into the Catholic Church who has made the commitment to procede to that end. You can certainly speak to a priest about these concerns weighing on you and you should as part of the interview process when you enter the RCIA in your parish.

Welcome home.

Thanks for the replies. So I’ll probably have to wait till right before confirmation, because for me this is about a year away for me. If I have to wait what should I do about my mortal sins before then.

Sorry it took me so long to post back.

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