Confession by phone/video call - invalid?

It is dangerous because your Confession could be intercepted/overhead and recorded and possibly used against you.

I don’t think so. I know several people who go weekly just for venial sins so my thought is more, “That’s nice. They really care”

Yeah, honestly the best thing to do is turn your phone off and leave it in the car.

Yes, and if you’re looking for a Catholic spouse who will help you get to heaven, someone who won’t challenge you to violate the teachings of the Church, knowing they go to weekly confession would definitely be “points”, or it would be for me, anyway.

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Oh… I misread your statement haha XD

My bad!

I thought you meant get to know them better like figure out why they are going to stay away.

We are a church of repentant sinners! The glass door is to protect the priest from false accusations as much as anything.

I am quite aware of that. That is the “reason” to which I referred.

But just to play the devil’s advocate, being able to see inside the confessional would not prevent a priest —- God forbid —- from making an improper suggestion.


True. Prevention is almost impossible for a determined sinner. Prison protects most; death protects everyone! The glass door protects the priest from most false accusations.

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