Confession confusion question , distraught

My wife in confession told priest that after confession she always felt the devil attacking her , mentally and I have felt this too. But priest told her it was not the devil but God doing it !! She was very upset by this answer .I told her to go back and ask him but she was afraid too and now does not like him. can anybody explain ?

I am sorry that you are rendered confused and distraught.

Since I do not know the priest…
Since I do not know exactly what he said but only what your wife appears to have heard…
Since I have not the context the priest had when he made this statement…

In rather broad terms, I could speculate in several probable directions…but this involves a concrete situation involving one priest to a specific individual. I do not see how I or anyone can offer you much commentary, beyond idle speculation that I would see serving no real purpose.

The one who can best explain what he meant is the priest who made this statement…both in terms of what he meant absolutely as well as what prompted him to say it.

Since this happened in the internal forum, your wife is the only one who could initiate a new discussion with the priest about his specific statement.

That’s what she said and what he replied… Maybe he misunderstood her…I Will encourage. Her to talk to him.

Can you think of any reason his answer would make sense religiously ??

The answer to your last question is, yes, I can. Several reasons. Each predicated on something very different.

You are correct that he could have misundertood her…or understood her in a way other than she intended…or arrived at an assessment apart from her question/statement.

She also could have misunderstood him or understood him in a way other than what he intended, depending upon the terminology he used.

I always used to – and still do – remind the junior clergy that there is what you say and there is what your parishioner hears. Sometimes, there is no match at all between these two realities.

As I told them, this is above all important to remember with regards to anything touching upon the internal forum…both with regard to what you say and with regard to your adjudication of a matter subsequently brought to you in the confessional regarding a previous confessor; you will only know in the latter case what the penitent heard and, even then, it may only be what they think they heard.

Characterising what the priest said is already a generation removed from “I said these exact words and the priest responded in these exact words…” which is the position I am in, based on the recollection of your wife that you have given.

Maybe he understood “attacking” in the sense of “convicting.” As in, God’s convicting your conscience of certain changes you need to make. Then, if she had meant “attacking” as in, “you’re not good enough, you’re a failure,” that kind of thing, his reply would be most definitely distressing!

Obviously, that’s 100% speculation, but it would make sense of what the priest said. But by all means, talk to the man! It’ll clear things up in short order, I’m sure.

We do want to avoid rash judgment against all involved. There is simply not enough information here. OP, make an appointment with Father, or take him out to dinner. He doesn’t bite.

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