Confession confusion

My past hasnt been a particularly pure one, and my ex girlfriend and I had done impure things reserved for marriage. I’ve always confessed this as “sex” to the priest, but I was thinking today, [edited] does “sex” imply all that? If I do, do I need to confess this all over again?

sometimes the guilt prevents you from being about to say what you have done specifically

in my case, i said “premarital sex”

I would ask the priest the next time you go to confession. Hopefully you were not deliberately hide these sins, otherwise it would be quite serious.

I think we need to walk a fine line. We need to give enough detail to allow the Priest to form a accurate opinion and allow him to give us proper guidance. On the other side he is also human and I don’t think we want to get extremely graphic and possibly lead him to sin. Just my thoughts on this and I might be wrong. I would ask the Priest for guidance on this one.

Abolution does cover this. You are opening your heart to man (Priest) God already knows your sins I do not see the value in explicit detail. Sex… or premarital sex… the Priest could determine you were not Married by you saying “Girlfriend” or you sin would be simply “Adultry” . I hope that helps. Detail is good yes but, simply.
Father I was impure with my girlfriend and we had sex."
Father Larry Richards has a great talk on Confession look it up.

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