Confession continues the cleansing act of Baptism, Pope tells audience [CWN]


“Confession is not a torture chamber, it is a celebration of the day of Baptism,” Pope Francis told his weekly audience on Wednesday, November 13. The Pope devoted his catechetical talk …



Pope Francis asked those in attendance at his Wednesday public audience whether they could name the date of their Baptism. When only a few raised their hands in response, he remarked that Christians should be aware of that vitally important date, just as they are aware of their birthdays. He challenged everyone to look up the date of their Baptism, and celebrate it each year.

Whoops that would be me. I honestly don't know the date of my baptism. :o This is a good idea though. We know and celebrate the day we were born, why not celebrate the day we were born again in Christ. :thumbsup:


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