Confession Emergency

Hello, so I’m currently going through a debacle. I accidentally stumbled upon an article on Facebook that talks about the evils of mindfulness meditation and how it goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church . It also mentioned that if a person engages in this, they need to see an exorcist. I studied psychology at my university and we were obligated to do these mindfulness meditation sessions to release stress and burnout. Even during my internship, I was obligated to do this too. Now come to think of it, I engaged in meditation when I was in middle school. My question is, how do I confess this even though, I didn’t know it was a sin (that seems pretty deadly in my opinion). I’m currently having soo much anxiety over this, that I might be possessed with a demon inside of me that is killing my spirit and relationship with God. Please help!!!..

You cannot commit a mortal sin unless you know what you are doing is a mortal sin. Now you know it is a mortal sin but I think so long as you don’t do it again no mortal sin is committed.

It is very scrupulous to say you think you are possessed by a demon.

You seem very scrupulous and so I think you should be at peace and if necessary seek the advice of a priest.


Please go discuss this with your priest.

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