Confession encouragement for YOU and YOU and YOU


Just thinking of the Sacrament of Confession can make you feel alienated: First off, you’re wrapped up in your own sins, struggles, and doubts, which you often keep to yourself. Then, because of anxiety or lack of commitment, you postpone Confession until the next week. And then the next week. And before you know it, it’s been months, and you’re not even going to Mass anymore.

What’s more: You start to wonder and doubt: No one else around me seems to care about Confession as much as I do. Should I even be stressing over my sins? Am I too scrupulous? What about my Protestant friends — they don’t use Confession! These doubts settle in, and are never good in the long run!

So this thread is encouragement: If YOU know you need to go to confession, just GO! You CAN do this. Start over today — God is ALWAYS ready to extend his mercy.

If you feel alone, remember there are other Catholics — including those who are participating in this thread. Imagine them as your “cloud of witnesses,” fellow members of the Body of Christ who are also struggling with you and praying for you.



It’s funny-

We think so much about how we feel before Confession,

and so little how we feel afterwards.


Yep, don’t hesitate, prepare with a good Examination of Conscience and go. Be honest, be brief, be repentant and be ready for the Lord’s Divine Mercy. Once you leave the Confessional absolved of all of your sins CHANGE and do better.


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