Confession for the Sick?

Hey all,

Let me cut to the chase - my brother, while not very sick, has something of a temperature. He’s doing important exams this week coming. Both he and I wish to go to Confession this Saturday, as we normally do. My mother thinks he shouldn’t because he might get more sick and jeopardise his exams. Both of us really do want to go, because we don’t want to risk receiving Communion without having Confessed first.

Any ideas on what I should do?

EDIT: I should point out that it’s quite wet and a bit windy where we are at the moment.

If he feels well enough to go to Mass, he’s well enough to go to Confession.

How badly does he need confession? Mortal sin?
Mass does have a penitential rite at the beginning.

Thanks for the responses, guys, but you can stop. We got a ride down and went to Confession, so the problem’s passed. Thanks again.

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