Confession for venial sins

I’ve heard some folks say that you shouldn’t waste the priests time in the confessional with venial sins. I’m just curious what everyone’s take on it is…particularly if there are any priests out there. What do you think? Should you still go to confession even if you only have venial sins? I’m going to try to post a poll with this…hope it works!

hmmm…poll didn’t work. Guess y’all will just have to tell me! :smiley:

Is confessing only venial sins a waste of the priests time, or is it good maintenence for the soul?

If you say that confessing venial sins is a waste of a Priest’s time…that would be saying the same that you should only go to a doctor when you have a terminal illness…or that death is a certitude…forget all the minor symptoms that lead to full blown terminal illness/disease…let us only go to the doctor once we are sure we are going to die…this is complete madness…granted priest are busy today…there is a shortage, but let us not forget, that a priest’s primary duty is to provide the sacraments to the faithful…granted, the administrations of a parish is very hard and taxing work…but the most important thing a priest can do is provide the sacraments…A priest is a Doctor of the soul…one should not wait until imminent death to seek the health of a physician…the same goes for confession…frequent confession of even venial sins helps one develop and maintain a healthy conscience…it also gives one the graces necessary to be stronger against the temptations of mortal sin. There are some priest that will argue that it is a waste of time…but I ask them…“what do you think you were ordained for?”

I would hope that priests don’t see confession of venial sins a waste of their time! It is another opportunity to acquire Grace (and who of us doesn’t need more of that?). From my experience it also helps me quite a bit in forming my conscience.:thumbsup:

I agree with others. Confession should be something we go to a a regular basis whether in Mortal sin or not. In fact, Confession is a great way to fend of Mortal sin and to help us to become holier and better people. I would hardly think that any Priest would call this a waste of his time…

Take Care…

I think, personally, that if I were ever to hear this from a priest I would pray for him very much.

It’s good maintenance for the soul. However, it isn’t exactly necessary as venial sins are absolved whenever one receives the Eucharist.

Still, regular confession is a really good thing. Our beloved Pope Benedict goes once a week.

Our Blessed Mother, in her appearances (which are, of course, not binding on any believer) has stressed monthly Confession. Since we are all ‘in a tangled skein’ as the novelist George Eliot puts it, it may be that graces received through the Sacrament transfer to others who are unwilling or unable to confess (reparation).

Apart from the Eucharist and last rites, there is nothing a priest does which is more important or urgent than hearing confessions.

So no priest should begrudge any penitent whatsoever unless they are approaching him with their venial sins literally when Mass is about to start or he’s rushing off to a sickbed.


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