Confession Formula different in Spanish?

I was doing some google searches on the beginning confessional formula in Spanish, and I noticed it was different then English. When the penitent kneels the priest will say “Ave Maria Purisima” (Hail Purest Mother) and the penitent responds “Conceibe sin pecado” (Conceived without sin) and then the penitent will go on with “Bless me Father. . .”. Are there any Spanish speakers here that can explain whether this is the regular confessional formula in Spanish? And why is it different from English? Could we say this in English when we English speakers go to confession? Because I think it sounds really cool.

There are many countries in which Spanish is the native language,yet there are differences among the people in their tradicions ,culture and even racial components.
I lived in a Spanish speaking country for several years and the formula you referred to was not used at all at confession.
It was used many years ago in the country side upon arriving at a home.The visitor would
say “Ave Maria purisima”, and the host would reply “sin pecado concebida”.It was a respectful aknowledgment that it was a home where Christian faith prevailed.

REALLY? So is it focused on the Marian invocation if I’m not mistaken? Here in the Philis, it is started to greet the priest then followed by the sign of the cross then sometimes the priest would ad lib some questions or evangelicalism.

I find it to be a really nice custom. I wonder if next time I go to confessions, if I say Hail Mary most Pure, if the priest will respond with Conceived without Sin. Can we add stuff to the opening prayer, or do we have to follow the exact formula?

I’m not an expert by any means . . . but I think I read on here somewhere that the only thing required for the Sacrament to “work” is that the priest’s words of absolution be correct. There are several different formulae for confession in widespread use in English already, right?

My guess is it would probably throw an English-speaking priest off, but I bet if you explained before you started it would be fine. It sounds like a beautiful practice.

It is not part of the confession ritual but a greeting like “Good morning”. For many centuries before it was declared dogma, the Immaculate Conception was actively promoted in Spain and our Lady under this title was the Principal Patroness of the country. The greeting (in Spanish or Latin) was used in daily interactions in Spain and her former colonies, until a little after the mid 19th century when its use began to fall out.

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