Confession From when I was very young

When I was very young (maybe 11), I remember that I concealed a serious sin I committed out of embarrassment and, in a misguided and uneducated attempt to still have the sin forgiven I said it in my head during the confession hoping that God would forgive it anyway. I obviously did not have good knowledge of the form of the sacrament etc (poorly catechized). I have since confessed the sin but there is no way I understood the seriousness of what I was doing by concealing the sin in Confession, and I have never confessed the concealing. I’m still bothered by this event, and just now realizing how the concealing might have been a sin even though I was so young and uninformed. Was this still a mortal sin, and how should I go about fixing this situation especially since it happened over 10 years ago? Have all of my subsequent confessions been invalid because of this?

You were forgiven of your sin once you confessed it. Why do you insist on still carrying this sin around with you after you were forgiven of it?

I’m not carrying the sin around, I’m just worried about the fact that I concealed it the first time. Even if I did not realize the seriousness of what I was doing by not saying it. I think my understanding of confession at that time in my life was that as long as your sin is eventually confessed, you’re okay. but I know now that there is error in that thinking.

I guess you are worried you committed sacriledge in confession. I really can’t say, but if you were never taught that it was wrong to withhold a sin, then you are probably sage. Maybe tell your confessor about this and ask his advice.

Just mention it to Father in Confession like you did here. He’ll get it all settled and you can be at peace.


I agree with Cajun, just go to confession now and tell Father exactly what you posted here. He will take care of it and then you can let it go and forget it.


Thanks everyone! I’ll mention it in my next Confession. I appreciate your help.


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