Confession frustration

In the last three days - once on Maundy Thursday and thrice today, Saturday - I have gone to four separate churches during their scheduled time for confession. At each church I checked their web site and bulletin and there were no posted changes. All four times I was met by a locked door.

I am very frustrated right now. I just want forgiveness and to receive the Eucharist on Easter, but I feel unwanted by the Church. I’ve heard multiple priests complain about no one going to confession. I’ve been turned away four times in three days!!

I even tried to grab the priest before Mass Thursday night but he comes in the side door literally right before Mass begins which leads into the back room. There is literally no way of catching him before Mass tonight short of knocking on the door of his house.

Part of the frustration is due to misinformation among priests about whether they should, in fact, be offering the Sacrament of Penance during Triduum (Maundy Thursday - Holy Saturday). Here is some great information to share with priests about this:

The other cause of unavailability is that priests are having to manage a whirlwind of decoration changing each day during Triduum. The rituals are complex, and rehearsals are needed each day.

We’re in the same boat here in College Station, TX. No confessions in any of the four parishes. However, there was a penance service on Monday, so go figure.:shrug:

We were blessed that a nearby parish offered confessions for 3 hours on Good Friday. All four priests were available and each one had a continuous line of 4 to 6 people waiting. Sorry to hear about your frustration.

I hope your faith is going to be a little stronger than “I feel unwanted by the Church” the priests are very busy at this time of the year, and there again maybe the Lord is testing your new faith- you are always going to encounter some things, but at the end of the day don’t put your trust in Princes but only in the Lord. We have to offer up these sort of frustrations to the Lord, or for a Soul in Purgatory - please continue reading and learning about the Faith. Walk with the Lord.

I would suggest you complain and ask the Bishop why there are not confessions being offered during those days. Last year on Good Friday in my area, they offered confessions after the 3pm service - ie. all the priests including the Bishop.

That is quite frustrating.

I’ve given up trying to go to confession before Easter. It’s been a bit of a madhouse here in Mexico, though probably a good thing. Churches have been filled to overflowing. In the US, it probably wouldn’t be allowed, fire hazard. Here, they don’t seem to care.

Schedules of everything have gotten all switched around.

I just figure I will wait till after Easter when everything is calmed down and back to normal, when neither the priest nor myself will feel rushed or under pressure. Priests are overburdened around the world. We need to be patient with them. This season, particularly, sometimes church attendance can actually double or even triple.

Go to Easter mass then confession when the smoke clears. Remember what the saints said, and Christ, about not worrying.

Have a wonderful Easter!


During Lent and Advent, always check for changes, and if there are none, call the parish.

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