Confession - going to different priests

I’ve been going to confession more regularly (every week or 2 weeks) during my lunch break at a Catholic Church near my work. I love going now, and even though I don’t do a face-to-face confession, the priest I confess to makes me feel so comfortable and I can feel his kindness. He assures me how loving our Lord is and I just really like him as a priest ( I like all priests, but there’s only been 1 who has been my favorite and is now a bishop actually).

My question is, now that I go more regularly and there’s not many people who go to confession on the day/time i go, so I am sure he recognizes who I am now. I don’t mind, but now I might start worrying about doing certain sins in order to not confess them to him in my next confession. Of course I don’t want to sin for my love for God/Jesus, but I suppose there’s some things that I wouldn’t be comfortable saying to the priest now that I have been going to him more often. I’ve already confessed a lot, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to say and also it was because he was a new priest to me.

There’s one particular thing I want to confess at my next confession but I kind of dont want to confess this to this particular priest who I regularly go to now. I would think it’s ok to go to a different priest at another church, but is this not a good habit to start?

You may go to confession to any priest, any time you wish.

Thank you!!

So what if he knows who you are? It might make it easier to avoid that sin. That’s one of the points of confession: to avoid repeating the same sins.
Confess to your regular confessor. It will do you good. Don’t worry about embarrassment.
They don’t care, they’ve heard it all. You’re talking to Jesus. He already knows what you did. Yes, you can go to someone else, but IMHO, it would be a sign of true growth and repentance to confess the awkward sins, and really mean it when you say you will, with God’s grace, not commit them again.
God bless.

That’s great advice, thank you! I feel that it would be a sign of true growth and courage on my part, because I’m used to wanting to be comfortable but I wonder if God sometimes wants us to do things that are not always the easy way out. It just is hard for me to go out of my comfort zone, and now that I feel he knows me I am more shy. But, I will give it some thought and see where God leads me. Thank you and God bless!

The simplest solution is not to sin.

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