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Dear Faithful Friends,

    I just wanted to get some advice or help on this subject of confession.  It has been a really long time since I've posted on here.  Since the new year, I've tried to get back into my faith and attend Sunday masses.  However, I'm dealing with the lustful thoughts and pornography addiction in my life which I believe is really hendering my faith and keeping me from being holy.  So this past week, I hid my ipod in my car and have strictly used my cell phone for phone calls rather than using the internet and getting pornography that way.  I also bought a 16 by 20 picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and posted it in my bedroom.  I have gone to confession a few times this year, but once I confess my sexual sins, I get that relieving feeling that my sins are absolved.  But then a week goes by or less and I commit the sin again....does this mean that those sins are not absolved since I went back to my old ways?  Does anyone have any advice on how to become holy and remain pure in thoughts and action?  I truly want to change my life and become holy again.  Thank you!

What you´re doing now is correct. The ways to not sin is Confession, The Holy Mass, Prayer, and Self mortification. Self mortification is not beating yourself with a whip. Exercise, Fasting, doing something that requires sacrifice for someone else. Do this especially if you don´t like them. You must remember though, that you have to do all of them. Quit doing one thing and the Devil will get you. He´s very sharp. Remember. Jesus fell three times , when carrying the cross, but he got back up again. You can either make a habit of sinning or make a habit of following Christ. God bless:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

You are doing all the things that are best to try and keep from sinning. If you were truly repentant at the time of your confession, your sins are still absolved but obviously you need to confess again.

I think you need to think about what is making you fall back to your sins. Maybe consider some form of counselling if you cannot work through whatever it is yourself.

Once you make a good Confession, your sins are absolved forever. Your sins can’t be “unabsolved”. The addiction can still remain, which is why you may commit the sin again.

There have been lots of threads on this topic of masturbation and pornography that I invite you to search and look through. You will get great ideas and information. Here’s one to get you started:

It sounds like you are already taking some good steps, but here’s some additional thoughts:

  1. Avoid the occasion of sin. Don’t even put yourself in an environment where you’ll know you’ll sin. Ex: keep the computer in a public place, when using the internet, have a set to-do list of what you are doing on the internet. As soon as you finish immediately shut down the computer, etc. If you tend to masturbate in the shower, maybe take cold or lukewarm showers.

  2. Get help. Get a spiritual director or join a group. Going to confession is a great start, but its helpful to have a regular confessor that you are constantly working with. Ask your local priest, if he can’t be your spiritual director, ask him if he could refer someone to you. If you can speak to him in private, explain the situation and ask if he has any advice, or can refer you to a support group.

  3. Pray. Pray the rosary every day. Spend some time in front of the Blessed Sacrament every day. If you aren’t constantly striving to overcome it, you won’t. Especially pray a lot to the Blessed Mother. She is a warrior when it comes to battling impurity and she will not abandon you. There is no better example of purity than her.

  4. Read. Reading is helpful because it helps to retrain your imagination to think of other things besides impure thoughts. Read books on battling impurity, on the saints, on increasing your spiritual life, scripture, etc. You can even just read books for fun.

  5. Find an accountability friend. Spiritual directors are great, but you also need someone you can contact on a regular basis. Someone you can be honest with when you fail, and can encourage you and challenge you in your struggles. It needs to be someone trustworthy, so be careful who you pick.

Hope that helps! You are in my prayers, and you are not alone. Many people have struggled with this and recovered.

Sex addiction (which includes porn addiction) is a very powerful addiction. I highly suggest that you see a professional counselor especially one who specializes in sex addicition if there is one near where you live.

You should also check to see if there is an SA group near where you live.

Sounds like you are heading in the right direction ~ it’s hard, but keep moving forward! Jesus is your help and support so call on Him out loud if necessary as there is true power in His Holy Name.

Try to abstain from all meat and meat products (like gravy and even broth) at least one day per week (preferably Fridays). Fasting helps not only with repairing for sin but gives your soul the strength of self discipline. If you abstain from flesh, you will overcome the flesh.

The demon of lust is very, very persistent. It’s the one demon that is extremely difficult to do battle with but you can gain ground. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the best means by which to obtain purity, and the Mass is such joy!

Thank you all very much for the replies! I went to confession this morning and mass and I feel much better. In fact, I went to my local catholic store and bought a Sacred Heart of Jesus Prayer Book and i have decided that I will consecrate myself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and focus on his heart. And I will fast every Friday also. But thank you all for your advice!

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