Confession: How often?


How often do you go to confession?






2-4 times a month on average.


I like to go bi-weekly. It doesn’t always happen, but that’s what I prefer.



I try to go weekly or biweekly. I have been fortunate to be able to go weekly more often then not recently.


I like to go every two or three weeks. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen very often.


After one week, I’m still feeling pretty spiritually tidy, but after two weeks, there’s usually something I’m truly sorry for. If I go too often (weekly), it becomes routine, and I don’t always have proper contrition. Also, I can fall into the “confess to impress” trap - you know, when you dig up tiny faults against charity to show how spiritually advanced you really are. Happily, the Holy Spirit saves me from this regularly by showing me some really humiliating faults to confess instead.



I usually go once a month, unless I need to go more often. The Sacrament of Penance is a wonderful blessing to me.


I’d say that I average out to Bi-Weekly. I try not to let it get past a month or so, and every now an again I hit stretches where it gets to weekly…:o


Bi monthly or as needed if needed more often.
Scott Hahns Book about Confession is fabulous.
Grace Angel.


I wish I went more, but I usually end up going around once, maybe twice a month. Looking back, I can probably say in the past couple years I’ve gone to confession more than all the first 18 years of my life combined. From this experience, I cannot stress enough the improtance of frequent confession. The spiritual benefits are unthinkable. I hope to start going every other week.

On the same foot, how often do you all say a general confession? And was it with a spiritual director? I’ve yet to make one.


Has anyone read this book?

I’m about to buy it : )


I go weekly to St Mary’s Cathedral


I generally go every 3-4 weeks. Occasionally I will go two weeks in a row.


I love this book - highly recommended!



Great, thank you!


I go every 2 or 3 months. We were on the once a year plan previously, but one of my dear children asked me why we only went once a year. I had no answer for him


I go about every six weeks or so. I didn’t go for years and was terrified to start again; however, once I began, I realized what a beautiful sacrament this truly is. I’ve been going regularly for about a year and a half, and I feel so close to our Father when I hear those words of absolution. I have a question for those responding: Do you tend to confess to the same priest regularly or do you just go to whomever is hearing confessions that day (or week in my parish)? I usually go to the same priest.


I go about once a month, DH goes once a year :rolleyes:
When the kids make first communion, I’m planning on all of us going at least once a month, as a family, if not every two weeks. I figure that way, by the time the kids start struggling with sins of the flesh, confession is a completely normal part of their life, and they don’t have to have the added pressure of “how do I get to confession without raising suspicion” stress.


I go whenever my conscience tells me I need to go.


I wish I could go more often. Our church schedules confessions at awkward times: Saturdays from 9-10 and from 3-4. I work from 7-3:30, so it’s really difficult to get there on weekends I work. And often on my weekends off, my husband and I go out of town to visit our daughters.

I wish we had at least one confession scheduled for during the week for these reasons. I’ve brought it up, and others have told me that they’ve brought it up, but so far, no response. :frowning:

I have made appointments when necessary. I remember one week when I called to make an appointment, and I had to wait for a day. The secretary said that Father was booked up with confessions all day long! I wondered what happened to make all of us commit mortal sin on that particular week!?!

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