Confession - i've been inspired

It has been about nine months since I went to confession last. But today God inspired me to go this week. I am so excited to go. I have so much to confess. Yes, I talk to Him everyday and confess my sins to Him almost everyday (which is when I remember to) but there is just something about confessing your sins to another as I am sure you all know. I think the seed was planted several days ago when my friend, Father Tim, called me on the phone. But today…I was listening to a contemporary christian station that I enjoy and I heard a song. A song I know. One that talks about people waiting at St Peters Square to confess their sins. And I started crying. And all of a sudden it hit me! He wants me to get to confession. And of course I replied “yes Lord…I will go this week!” Thank you Lord God for speaking to me through your Word, through songs, through the words and actions of people you place in my path each day!!! I feel like I can hardly wait to go and confess!!! I have had an upset stomach for 2 days now. I don’t know if it is food poisoning or a touch of the flu or what…but…I am so eager to go that I am already praying for relief from how I physically feel.
I just had to share this with you all!!!


Make sure it’s not 9 months before you go again :wink:

arewethereyet, I think I understand the emotion. My only advice is to go as often as possible - you will feel great.

What a great gift you have received! And your immediate obedience is also wonderful. Good for you!


You wouldn’t happen to know the title of the song or the artist, would you? There was one that was popular last spring “Only Grace” that reminded me of the after-confession feeling.

Anyway, I can relate to what you are feeling. About 5 years ago, I made up my mind to go after being away for 8 years. I was so excited, I could barely sleep the night before. I floated through the day until the appointed time came. I was thrilled that I was going to meet with Jesus. It was the best Christmas present I had had in years!

I will!

I hear you loud and clear, friend…

Thanks, friend!!

Thank you for sharing such an awesome experience with me!!!
It kind of reminded me of my first confession.
It was a HUGE one and I was scared to death.
But the experience was so beautiful.
The priest I went to couldn’t have been more like Jesus.
He was gentle and soft-spoken.
over 3 years later I am still free of that addiction that had me all tied up for years and years.
I can’t wait for Saturday.
That’s when the priests at my parish will hear confessions next.
I know you can make an appt.
I did that for my first one.
But that was mainly for mortal sin and as far as I know my sins lately have been venial.
Did I word that right?
Anyways, I just can’t wait.
I know it is going to feel SO GOOD.
Plus I want to please Him.

p.s. other lyrics to that song are

“you are the answer and the meaning of life"
"as we walk this broken road, every question we’ll find - you are the answer”

I can’t remember the name though I believe it’s one of those girl bands…it’s aweomse though!!!

Take care!!

Hello, I am the wife of Johny5 and was baptised Catholic as a baby. My parents left the Catholic Church when I was small so I did not have a Catholic upbringing. My Husband and I were not a member of any church and didn’t believe in any of it until this past Summer when we went back to the Catholic church due my Husband’s radical conversion. This Easter we will be going through the final steps in becoming Catholic and I am horrified at even the thought of confession. We have become close friends with our Priest and the thought of telling him what we have been up to all our lives together fills me with dread. I am more than sick to my stomach about it. I mean, how much detail do you have to include? :confused: Remember, we did not believe in God for most of our lives. Maybe I should just talk to our Priest about it? Thank you for any input anyone has out there.


According to Fr. Corapi you aren’t meant to go into all the gory details, and give a word for word account. Say “Father I have lied” if you lied, “I have sworn” if you swore, don’t go saying I said “@@@@@@@@@@@@” :slight_smile:

Also if you want you don’t have to go to your own parish to make a confession, and even if you do you can kneel “hide” behind the black screen in the confessional so he doesn’t know it is you.


I’m sure that talking to your priest would be a good idea. There’s nothing you can tell him that he hasn’t heard before. Hit the big stuff first - for example: “I used contraception for __ years and had sex outside of/before marriage.” No need to go into tons of details.

Imagine that you are confessing to Jesus. Yes, the priest is there, but he’s there in Christ’s place. I have been many times to priests that I know, and I’ve never felt judged or looked at differently. When I went back after so many years away, I definitely went to a priest that I knew well. I knew he would be kind and gentle, and that was SO what I needed at the time. One priest told us (at a First Confession meeting for our kids) that he doesn’t look down on people who come to him in confession, but rather feels awed and humbled that they would come to him with their shortcomings and weaknesses.

I prefer the face-to-face set-up, but you certainly have the option to go behind a screen and at another parish altogether with a priest who does not know you at all.

Finally, it is definitely normal to feel nervous and uneasy. But try not to dread it. It is really a beautiful thing and an awesome sacrament.

I’ll keep you in my prayers.

I would pray about it for sure. Let the priest know about the anxiety you are feeling. Know that you can kneel behind the screen. That may make you feel more comfortable. Know that the priest has heard much worse. You will not be judged. I committed mortal sin in my life. I have taken it to confession. I know how you are feeling. The priest I confessed my mortal sin to was and is a friend of mine. I say was because I had the same fear…what would he think of me? I say is because he is still my friend. What I chose to do in my past did not change a thing. Know that nothing you could ever do would make the priest look down on you. Know that it is the priest becoming like Jesus in the confessional. I will pray for you and I want you to know that you are not alone. Many of us have been there. Just please pray about it. God will speak to your heart and lead you to where you should go with this.
It will be okay.
PM me anytime, friend…

Also, friend, there are some beautiful passages in the bible that may give you peace right now. In the gospels (not sure if it is one of them or more), there are the parables of the lost sheep and the prodigal son. They have given me peace and like I said I have committed mortal sin in my past. I was pretty wild and mean for years.
We love you.
We are here for you.
Like the other poster said, confession is such a beautiful sacrament.
The peace that you will have afterwards will be like nothing you have ever experienced.
I know.
I’ve been there.

I remember hearing about a convert who had become good friends w/ his priest and dreading his first confession. The time came and he unloaded a lifetime of sin. He felt much better. So much better he wanted to go back soon after. When he got in he said “Bless me Fr., my last confession was…” Then the priest said “I thought this was your first confession”. The point is that the priest didn’t even remember him going to confession much less any of his sins.
I think they have an enhanced ability to forget sins. Yet another reason the Church is wise to not allow women to join the priesthood! :smiley:

Thanks - I found it! It’s called “You are the Answer” and the artist/group is “Point of Grace”. I’ll keep my ears open when I’m listening to the radio.


That’s right!
It is an awesome song!
I love contemporary christian music.
I don’t know alot of names of songs or artists.
I know lyrics though.
We have a station here in Cleveland I love to listen to.
It is 95.5 The Fish.
Take care, friend…

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