Confession Length


hello all

I have a question about how long I seem to be in confession
I noticed that when I am confession I seem to go much faster then everyone around me and I was wondering is this bad.
I confess my sins in a very general way.

I confess the what the sin is but do i need to go into more detail

I really am sorry for my sins and I am not sure if i have to confess then with extreme deatail or is it that gods knows it and is okay with a simpilifed version

All help would be apprecated :amen:


If you confess what the sin IS, then that is not confessing in a general way. And it is fine. By confessing what the sin IS, I mean that you give its name: adultery, lying, stealing, fornication, etc. It’s not necessary to give details. I would guess that the average confession on a weekday in my parish takes less than two minutes.


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