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Tonight I prayed myself into going to Mass and before that, Confession. I was happy for myself, proud that I had given in and overcome my sloth. I got there in the middle of the Saturday confession hour, sure I was early enough. I was wrong. There were too many people in line, each confession taking too long. I couldn’t receive absolution and thus the Eucharist (I’m in a grave state for missing Mass last week). Angry, I stormed off, not bothering to sit through Mass.

I’m ashamed for having done so, but I’m frustrated that being a few minutes late means being denied the Eucharist, despite all my intentions.

So now you have two mortal sins for missing mass today, unless you go tomorrow. You can attend Mass without receiving communion you know. Did you stay for the whole amount of confession time or did you leave when you saw that the line was long. You could have gone to mass, not received and then ask the preist after mass if you could go to confession. You can make an appointment during the week or earlier on Saturday for confession. Please don’t stay away from mass.

It’s not a sin to miss Mass on a Saturday.

You don’t have to receive Communion on Sunday. No big deal.

I wouldn’t say that.

If an individual is not receiving Holy Communion at Sunday Mass because he or she is in a state of grave sin, then that’s a big deal.

If one is properly disposed and there is no canonical or other obstruction which would render an un-worthy reception of the sacrament of Eucharist, then he should most definitely receive.

That’s too bad. No one is ever turned away during Mass, in my parish. Priest begins to hear them before Mass, continues during Mass until no one else shows up. (Waits awhile.) Since there are two priests (minimum), the other one is the one saying Mass during that time frame.

(This routine continues 7 days a week.)

I’d say these priests have their priorities straight.

My dear friend, it sounds to me (because I’ve been there) that you are looking for excuses. You got there “in the middle of the Saturday confession hour,” for example. That would be on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday when most Catholics would EXPECT the lines to be long. So, on some level, did you know that you would not be able to make confession by not getting there early?

And, because you could not receive communion, you still did not stay for Mass because you were angry? You certainly could have attended Mass and not received communion, have made a spiritual communion instead.

Sometimes we have to be spiritually honest and ask ourselves WHY we have set ourselves up for failure.

Its saturday evening. go to mass in the morning early and ask Fr. to hear your confession then. I’ve done that many a time.

Uh no. It is good to even fast the Eucharist at times. It makes it more special when you do receive. This came from the lips of my own priest.

And it is never a sin to not receive communion on Sundays. It is only a sin to miss Mass on Sundays.

True, if one is in mortal sin, that is always a big deal.

You know, I think you’re right, I am looking for excuses. I’m not sure about the some level…I admit that I went later because I didn’t want to wait around so long for Mass after Confession. And you know, that’s a poor excuse. I think I was frustrated with myself primarily and took it out on God and the Church, which does nothing but hurt me more. I need to schedule an appt for Confession to get this out. Thanks all for listening and responding.

Congratulations on a good decision. It is difficult to take an objective view of oneself. With my prayers as you carry through on it - Joe

Standing in a long line outside a confessional? I consider that a part of my penance.
It does burn me though, when the priest stops promptly at the minute listed as the end of the hour of confessions and tells a long line of people to return next week, or worse, stops early because of a golf date or dinner invitation.
To the OP, I’m not known for great patience, but there is mp reason to skip Mass on Sunday even though you cannot partake in Holy Communion. You can still make an act of spiritual Communion, asking God’s grace that you will be able to gain absolution and return physically to His table.

Nice job coming around. Now you are thinking rationally. Many of us have been there, done that. Did the priest realize that some were turned away and needed confession? You might want to let them know , perhaps they can offer another confession time or start earlier if there is a need.

Me too.:slight_smile:
(1) It augments the sense of community, and the community effects of sin.
(2) It equalizes all of us as penitents before God. (I often pray for those in front of me and behind me, that they will not lose hope, leave the line, or fail to confess everything.)
(3) It requires me to practice patience: not one of my best virtues.:blush:
(4) It gives me more time to consider my sins I’m about to confess, in the context of all 3 above.
(5) It gives me more time to pray for strength, courage, honesty in my confession – being so physically near to the confessional.

I once heard of a Confession line someplace where the people suddenly noticed that the bishop had joined the line. They all immediately moved aside to let him go first. He declined the honor with the words, “I don’t enjoy going to confession any more than you do.”:wink:

:smiley: Love it!

I couldn’t help but think what a wonder it is that there is a line at all for the confessional. It gives me hope for our church that folks are finally coming around to the realization that we NEED to seek God’s forgiveness and that the sacrament of reconciliation is yet another gift that He has given us.

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