Confession Nervousness Advice and Validity

So I’ve been trying not to ask these questions, but I’ll be away from my confessor for a while and today I had an awkward confession with a different priest. One that has never met me. I confessed something related to comic books ( I rarely read these, like very very infrequently and am even embarrassed to admit this) and a sin that required me to mention video games. Before confessing I admitted that the former was likely scruples. Well the priests advice indicated that I was immature to do these things. He also implied that they’d hinder me discerning my vocation and take too much of my time. This bothered me because they haven’t hindered my ability to meet my obligations. I graduated High School as Valedictorian and I scored high on my AP tests. I’m not someone who spends to much time on these. If anything I spent too much time on school. I spent 90% of my sophomore and senior year studying and I got accepted into a good college. So, I’m not a slacker and I feel that after spending so much time working and stressing, I deserve to participate in these hobbies. As long as they don’t create a near occasion of sin. In addition, any hobby, if done in excess, can hinder discernment.

So, when he was giving me this advice, I was really bothered, I also was embarrassed and sick to my stomach. I tried to explain why this was a concern and my explanation in clouded half truths. I tried to correct at least one of them, but I left the other untouched. There’s also the fact that two of the sins I forgot, were due to me not doing a thorough examination of conscious. I guess I had been thinking of those sins yesterday night, but still, with a little more effort I could have remembered them.

So did I invalidate my confession?

Lastly, I want to ask a mortal sin question. I was asked why I didn’t want to do some thing. I lied because I didn’t want to admit trying to avoid remote cooperation. So was this mortal?

You should discuss this with your regular confessor. He can help you with this.:slight_smile:

That’s what I want to do, but I won’t have contact with him for a week.

If you didn’t deliberately leave anything out, providing you are repentant, etc., you are forgiven. However, you would have an obligation to bring any mortal sins you forgot to mention in previous confessions, to his attention next confession.

One whole week? Well, be patient. You are intending to see him, yes? Be patient.

And talk to him about being scrupulous. Scrupulosity is a trap that is easy to fall into and leads to despair. I urge you to avoid this.

As was said wisely before, anything you forgot you can bring up next time at confession and reconciliation.

Peace be with you.

My problem is that I’ll be at Mass every day until then, and I might not see him in a week. And of that’s the case, it will be a few more until my next chance. Right now I’m at a point where I’ll have to slowly start transitioning to a new confessor.

I think that you might be slightly scrupulous and this should be avoided like the plague. You have a right to your hobbies after a lot of successful work.Not everything you enjoy is a sin. You think that confession was embarrassing? I went into confession with a lot of parishioners waiting next to the confession. I wasn’t sure if something was a sin and I was fumbling out the issue. The priest, obviously tired and frustrated yelled out very loudly “You can’t b----------- around…” then in a lower voice said “about sin. You either sinned or you didn’t…” Well obviously all the people heard outside was the phrase he yelled out. When I came out I got the most disdainful stares… I can laugh now, but I can understand your hope for your confessor’s return. Cheer up, you are going well.

Make an appointment, and definitely discuss your scrupulous thoughts as you’ve described here.

Until then, peace be with you.

Making an appointment won’t work at this time :frowning: We have discussed scruples a little. So I take it that the assumption is that I can receive the Eucharist?

Thanks for the replies.

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