Confession of a Eucharistic Minister

Confession of a
Eucharistic Minister

A former Eucharistic Minister, by the grace of God, repents of his participation in the sacrilegious act of giving Communion in the hand. He gives us here a first-hand report to prove his point and that of The Fatima Center that the act of giving Communion in the hand is sacrilegious and total disrespect for God the Son. The writer requests forgiveness of his sin and the lifting of excommunication. We print here excerpts of his research and findings.
by Charles St. George

Letter to His Holiness,
Pope John Paul II

 I, Charles Andre St. George, accuse myself of committing and participating in grievous and numerous outrages against the Most Blessed Sacrament from about 1980 to 1991. Please hear my plea and grant my requests.

 First, I have only recently learned according to The Roman Catechism, page 233 “that in this Sacrament are contained not only the true Body of Christ and all the constituents of a true body, such as bones and sinews, but also Christ, whole and entire” and further that, page 239 “the Body of Our Lord is contained whole and entire under the least particle of the bread.”

 Second, I have only recently learned that according to The Catholic Concise Encyclopedia, page 153 “Excommunication is imposed according to the reservation as follows: 

 (a) Acts reserved to the Holy See in a very special manner are: throwing away, taking or retaining for evil purposes the consecrated species.”

 I confess that I have thrown away or caused to be thrown away approximately 60,000 consecrated Hosts from 1980 to 1991 and that I caused many of these Hosts to be repeatedly trampled under foot or otherwise desecrated. These grave sins were not motivated by formal hatred of God, but from a motive more banal — I did not care. This is what I did: I was an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist and I sometimes received Our Lord in the hand instead of on the tongue, as well. As most communicants wanted to receive in the hand, I would gently place the Host in their palm. As proven in my attached scientific analysis conducted with the aid of my teenage son, Joseph ...

 When one receives Communion in the hand there are, on average, about four visible Particles detaching from that same Host.
 For this trial, I bought from Catholic Supply of St. Louis, Missouri hosts advertised as: “We are pleased to offer by far the best altar bread. All of our breads have a carefully molded sealed edge which prevents crumbs.” We used the “best” and the test result was an average of 3.68 crumbs per Communion.

 I believe I may have distributed perhaps 15,000 Hosts to communicants. It is reasonable to assume that this generated about 60,000 visible, though tiny Particles. When I would receive Communion in the hand, I would check my palm and sometimes find one or two or even more fragments of the Sacred Species. While I tried to immediately consume these by attracting them with the tip of my right index finger, I am confident that not all Particles were always safely consumed. As Eucharistic Minister, of many thousands of Hosts placed in palms, I never once observed anyone else examining their palm or fingertips to see if there were any Particles remaining.

 So, what happened to these 60,000 Particles containing our Lord and God of which I bear responsibility? Quite simply, they would eventually detach from the palms and fingertips of these communicants as they changed position to folded hands and the Particles would drop to the floor, or be brushed against their clothing and detach, or find their way to destinations unknown. Most should be assumed to have dropped to the floor while still in the church. The above doctrine states that these Particles were the fullness of Jesus our God just as surely as the large host which the priest consecrates for his own consumption!

 Like myself, any Catholics who have gone to Mass at a church where there has been Communion in the hand encounter a veritable minefield where they have mindlessly, repeatedly set their heels against the Holy Face of Jesus Christ Himself!
 The thought of this HORRIFIES me now. Some, myself included, simply did not care to know what they were doing. Still, does not Our Lord withdraw Himself in anguish from such as do these things and care not? What must the Holy Virgin think of this treatment of Her crucified Son?

 Not for me, but for the love you bear the Virgin Mother of God, I beg from Your Holiness two things: Please lift this very specially reserved excommunication and forgive these most grievous sins, committed without even caring, against Our Lord’s very Person.

Particle Study April 17, 2002
Feast of St. Anicetus
My teenaged son, Joseph, was my aide in this study, acting the part of the communicant while I acted the part of the Eucharistic Minister. For the purposes of this trial, I purchased from Catholic Supply of St. Louis, Missouri a box of 1000 1-1/8" diameter white altar breads, item #57212, advertised on their web-site as follows: “We are pleased to offer by far the best altar bread. All of our breads have a carefully molded sealed edge which prevent crumbs.” — The questioned truthfulness of that critical conclusion, naively believed by many, is one reason this trial was decided upon.

 For this trial, Joseph and I prepared by carefully washing our hands and fingers and drying same with lintless towels. We then examined our fingertips and Joseph’s left palm which would each contact the host to be assured they contained no foreign matter which could be mistaken for a bread particle. I determined we would look for particles after each and every individual “communion” in three areas — my fingertips, Joseph’s palm and Joseph’s fingertips. I further determined that we would count the results from 25 “communions” and record how many particles were found and where. We would only count “naked-eye visible” particles we could both see.

 The contents of one packet of altar breads was carefully emptied into a small plastic cup. Recalling my training as a Eucharistic Minister (may God forgive me), I would gently take up a host between my right index finger and thumb and place this host in Joseph’s left palm with only sufficient firmness to assure it would be transferred. Joseph commented that Eucharistic Ministers at Masses he attended were less gentle in transferring the Host to his palm. He would then take the host between his right index finger and thumb and place it on his tongue without touching his fingers to his tongue. Joseph would then keep his right index finger against his thumb and hold his left palm upward while we both inspected: first, my right index finger, then my right thumb, then his left palm, then his right index finger, and finally his right thumb for any particles of bread fractured from the host and adhering to us as a result of this multiple manipulation and touching. We would carefully scrape away any particles found before the next “communion” with the blade of a sharp knife to be assured of not counting any particles twice.

 What were our trial findings? Were there any particles of bread fractured from these 25 hosts taken one at a time from a cup and placed in Joseph’s palm and taken from his palm and transferred to his mouth? We were both disturbed at how many Particles:

 From the 25 “Communions”, we found a grand total of 92 individual, naked-eye visible Particles which averages to 3.68 Particles per “Communion”. 
 As detailed in the  statistical information (see below**...**click on link to read chart. I couldn't get it to transfer onto this thread**), we counted 27 particles from my fingertips, 47 particles from Joseph’s palm and another 18 particles from Joseph’s fingertips. It is hoped that this trial will work to the honor of Our Lord and aid those who still care for Him.

Particle Study
This day a brief scientific trial was undertaken to verifiably ascertain how many, if any, consecrated Particles of the Sacred Species are typically broken away from the Hosts, and subsequently thrown-away, desecrated and abused specifically as a consequence of the practice of Communion in the hand in the Catholic Church today.

YOU, the reader of this letter, are hereby called upon to do all in your power to put an end to this greater evil which presumes to treat God Himself in a most degrading manner. God will not embrace at the gates of Heaven those who throw away and trample His very Person. This warning is sent that you may have NO EXCUSE at the Judgment. The Japanese Emperor, when putting True Catholics to death some centuries ago, offered them a chance to renounce the Faith and save their skins. All they had to do to renounce their Faith and deny Christ was to step upon a wooden cross placed on the ground and they could go free. Not even this Emperor was so demonic and wicked as to tempt these martyrs to step upon a consecrated Host — Almighty God Himself; but most Catholic bishops are now de facto commanding us to do this very thing and that this be repeated every time one so much as enters one of these execrable churches.

 Anyone who enters into a church where Communion-in-the-hand has been done without same being respectfully purified of these Particles of God, enters a veritable minefield of these “least Particles” strewn across the floors where they will, with moral certainty, be grinding their heels into the Holy Face of Jesus. That you do not now see Him on the floors of these churches is perfectly understandable — if your heart is not filled with an all consuming love of God and devotion to His Holy Mother as beautifully explained in True Devotion to Mary by Saint Louis de Montfort. Jesus sees Himself on these floors a thousand times over just as surely as He sees your sins committed at times you will to believe He sees you not! If you do not see Him there it is because you do not wish to see Him, and those who do not wish to see Him shall have that wish granted irrevocably and for all eternity. Amen. Amen.

 May the Virgin Mother of God be ever merciful to those who fight against this outrage of Her crucified Son, but may Her heel crush the reprobates’ heads who laugh with satan as Her Divine Son is abused with contempt most foul.

Interesting indeed.

Unless and until there is a study done of how many particles occur with communion on the tongue - not forgetting that particles are light enough to float in the air and transfer onto the priest’s and communicants’ clothing and shoes regardless of method of distribution or the use or non-use of patens - and comparisons are made, this data is meaningless.


This is from one of Father Gruner’s websites. He still denies Russia was consecrated, and thinks there’s a REAL third secret of Fatima. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on the grassy knoll and saw two or three shooters.

I truly respect my “conservative” comrades here, but Father Gruner is truly out there. Feel free to look at his websites, but I won’t link to them.


Didn’t read the website, just glanced over these posts. Some particles are bound to be lost regardless of method used, however one is clearly better for preserving the most particles of the Body.

clearly? where’s the evidence?

Very interesting letter indeed.

In the TLM the priest touches the Body of Christ with only his index finger and thumb. When he is not holding a Host, and for the remainder of Mass after Communion, the priest will keep his thumb and index finger togather in case particles have stuck to them. Note that ONLY these two fingers will come into contact with the Body of Christ. At Communion, the Host is is held over the ciborium while the priest leans in close enough, so that the Host only moves a very short distance from the ciborium to the tongue of the communicant- in other words, ather does not reach over with the Host with nothing below it. If particles do happen to fall in that short distance, the paten is there to catch them, and after that the cloth on the altar rail. The paten is carefully cleaned by the priest after communion to ensure that any particles are removed from it, and the cloth is regularly cleaned carefully (along with the altar cloths), with the water used to clean it being poured into the sacrarium. In any case, great measure is taken to ensure that particles do not fall to the floor to be trampled under foot.

I have never seen a Eucharistic Minister keep their index finger and thumb togather to avoid losing any particles- in fact, most of them touch the Hosts with all five fingers at come point while taking them from the dish. Today, it is rare to have an altar server with a paten beside the Eucharist Minister. I have never seen any priests at Novus Ordo Masses keep their fingers togather either. The Host is held over the floor a great distance. There is little to no care taken in many Masses today to preserve the particles of the Host. :frowning:

Well, here for starters.

Second, what Ceaser said.

Firstly anecdotes mean nothing. There were just as many things like Black (Satanic) Masses going on, with associated profanation of the Eucharist, for example, in the days when communion was exclusively on the tongue.

Not to mention, what I have constantly said, that the vast majority of profanation of the Eucharist occurs not because of the hand v tongue, but simply because people receive in a state of mortal sin. Which I’m sure is what we should REALLY worry about. And which is something I’m sure they’ve always done.

Secondly - Caesar described very accurately the method of distribution on the tongue and the attempts or efforts made to avoid dropping particles. Which I applaud. To complete the chain of logic, though, you and he need to demonstrate that those attempts and efforts DO in fact result in reduced particle droppage.

I believe that most particles are too small and light to drop directly onto the paten, and instead fall elsewhere. In the alternative they are emitted into the air FROM THE CIBORIUM OR PATEN DIRECTLY due to ITS movement rather than during the actual process of distribution of comunion. The host is hardly covered at all times after consecration, so this is entirely possible.

In other words I’m not convinced, nor have I seen any evidence, that the priest’s efforts actually have any appreciable effect. And you haven’t demonstrated that they do. Get back to me when you can produce such evidence in the way of scientific studies.

Come to my parish. We have such a priest. We also have at least one EMHC who carefully handles their fingers for particles.


I understand that this will probably turn into a debate about wether or not its wrong to recieve in the hand.

Why not just recieve on the tongue anyway, and make everyone happy.

[quote=Missa Solemnis]Why not just receive on the tongue anyway, and make everyone happy.

Once again, do what I do and everyone will be happy. Bah!


It isn’t “out there” to believe that Russia has not been consecrated. Actually it seems more “out there” to me to believe it has been consecrated since it’s a fact that Russia was never consecrated according to Our Lady’s wishes. A lot of Catholics with good reason think there is a Third Secret.

[quote=Crusade Guy]it’s a fact that Russia was never consecrated according to Our Lady’s wishes

A fact? A FACT? How do you prove this “fact”?

Aw, c’mon CG, don’t make me quote Sr. (future Saint) Lucia.


Well Our Lady’s wishes were not met.

Therefore it was not consecrated according to Our Lady’s wishes.

Seems pretty simple to me.

Because when John Paul II supposedly did the consecration in 1984, he only consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart and not Russia specifically as Our Lady and Sr. Lucia had said. Russia had to be named as the object of the consecration for it to take place. Also, it was to be performed by every bishop in the world in a public and solemn ceremony in his cathedral. This never happened. Our Lady said that Russia would be converted if it was consecrated, and Russia has not yet converted to the Catholic faith, as a matter of fact there are increasing restrictions on the practice of Catholicism in Russia. Communism “fell”, but the same behind the scenes forces are still at work. Please read this article about it before you reply to me.

[quote=Missa Solemnis]Well Our Lady’s wishes were not met.

Therefore it was not consecrated according to Our Lady’s wishes.

Seems pretty simple to me.

Well, then, 'splain it to me.


This is bizarre sounding. Is this what traditionalists worry about, tiny particles of consecrated hosts? I’m sorry, but many people reading this thread would think we are nuts and the members of a giant cult.

The early Christians received in their hands. God knows the nature of the physical universe which he created. Did you know that you shed tens of thousands of skin cells a day? Do you think it is disrespectful to the human body that these cells are trampled upon?

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