Confession of impure sins

Can i type here with my questions about confession? First time using this, its a bit baffling😬

You can ask general questions about confession, but really it’s better to discuss this with your priest instead of internet strangers.


Just say the sin to the priest. If he needs further information for any reason he will ask

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Ok thanks.

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Just state what the sin was and the number of times (or an estimate). Name the sins. It is easier to say “masturbation -3 times” or “pornography- twice in the last month” than it is to beat around the bush with vague language. Get it over with because the worst fear is in anticipation.

The sooner you get the nasty sins confessed, the sooner you can hear the words “and I absolve you…” and you can take a nice long deep breath, because then you are in the clear. If you are embarrassed, just say the most embarrassing sins first and be done with them.

Thanks i really appreciate the reply…my problem is ive already done the confession on ash wednesday…instead of saying the actual correct terminology, i described the sins in a discreet way so as not to embarass the priest or cause him bad thoughts. I wasnt trying to hide anything, i just rephrased them so they wouldnt sound so nasty. I asked him did he understand what i was saying and he said he did. Now here i am a week later convincing myself i did a bad confession, i was trying to hide stuff, and that my confession is invalid because i didnt say the sins straight out as theyre known in sexual terminology. I have scruples very bad most of the time anyway. Im wondering should i repeat the confession​:cry::cry::cry: it was hard enough doing it the first time round.

Nope the Priest understood and if he absolved you from your sins YOU ARE ABSOLVED. LET IT GO. God’s Divine Mercy is immeasurable and He loves you. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

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If he said he understood, then you should assume he did and your absolution was valid. I have scruples pretty bad myself so I totally understand what you are thinking. No good can come of trying to put a microscope on every detail of the confession. I know this from experience. If Father said he knew what you meant, take him at his word and accept God’s infinite mercy. Dismiss your scruples about this. No need to worry about this anymore. Jesus would not want you to suffer.

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You’d hardly be the first - trust me! Although there’s much to be said for naming the problem in a direct way in order to allow yourself to front up to the problem, using discreet language is fine if that’s what you’d prefer to do. That said, regardless of whether you’re discreet or direct the priest has heard it far too many time before. If the priest doesn’t quite get what you’re aiming at or needs you to add a bit more detail he’ll ask. Otherwise, you’re all good and absolved to go forth and (try) not to sin again!

As an added bonus I’ll also give you the same advice I give to anyone confessing this particular problem: as often as it happens, as soon as it happens, go to confession!

Yes I think so, I haven’t posted much,

You won’t. I doubt you could confess anything that a priest has not heard before. They’re there in the confessional to hear these things. It’s a bit like going to the doctor’s and being to embarrassed to tell the doctor you’ve got spots on your bum. If you don’t tell him he can’t diagnose and treat you. So don’t be embarrassed.

Then there is nothing to worry about. And, the reason he understood you was because he’s heard it before.

If you mean you were trying to say something in a different way, said it and the priest understood, and he said he did, there’s no problem. If you meant you left out some sins then, yes, they need confessing.

I heard someone (I don’t remember who. Fr. Larry Richards? ) say that priests are trained in common congressional euphemisms, he probably knew quite clearly what you meant. “I was impure with myself” is quite clear you mean masturbation.

Can’t say as my practicum included that but not that I would have needed it anyway. Priests are taught however not to ask to many questions around sexual matters. So if someone uses a euphemism and it’s fairly obvious what they mean I’m not going to be asking them for any details. However, if someone just talks generally about being sinful or not living up to what God asks of them, I’m going to need to ask them for a bit more detail.

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