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I have been wondering, I haven’t been to Mass in a while. It’s so hot I haven’t even been riding the bus and my Mom’s car I was going to use this summer; has been broke down for some time. No on has taken it anywhere. Well, There is a Diocesan Priest who helps out around the Diocese who isn’t a Pastor himself. I have his number and have thought about having him meet me in a restaurant I frequent or outside for a confession. And I am going to have to start going to Mass. Otherwise it would be wasting our time wouldn’t it? I need to start saying that rosary 5 decades a day, not just one. I have cut my depression/anxiety meds and they take 6-8 weeks to kick back in my Dr. says. So I don’t feel like doing much of anything honestly. Any suggestions. Would a priest be ok in doing this?


Call him and explain this and ask him. That’s the only way to find out. I don’t think he’d have a problem with meeting you somewhere for Confession.


I would tell him when he was on his way my way. Not to make an extra trip.


If your reason for missing mass is the lack of transportation then I don’t see you as having done anything wrong in missing mass.


If you can make it to a restaurant, surely you can make it to Mass.

Fix the car? Is that possible


I would call the priest and tell him what is going on and see what he says.


Well the restaurant is a few blocks away. The Parrish is actually downtown. My Mother will fix her car I guess when she can afford to do it, and then she might let me use it again. But can I get the body and blood that is what strengthens us.


I don’t think the priest would have a problem with hearing your confession but I would definitely NOT do it in a restaurant where everyone can hear you. Anyone who heard what you said would also be bound by the sacramental seal of confession.

When my mom was in rehab a few months ago, she wanted to go to confession but had 2 roommates (constant t.v.; no privacy). The center had a meeting room (it looked like a formal dining room) with a very heavy door - practically soundproof. I wheeled Mom into the room, closed the door and stood outside to make sure no one entered while Father heard her confession.

I’d look for something more private than a restaurant.


I really think you should just try and get to regular confession this one time by having someone drive you, take the bus or call a cab. I don’t think it is right for you to ask a priest to have to make such accommodations for you. Either get to confession as scheduled for your parish, or make an appointment and go to the rectory or parish office. Priests are very busy and you really should not be asking for such special treatment.


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