Confession question. Scrupulous should not read

First, I want to say that if you are scrupulous you should not read this. I would never want to cause anyone unnecessary worry.

This is my question: I am diagnosed with OCD. I went to confession today. While the priest was talking his voice was soothing and he was making me feel better, and like he understood. At one point I felt myself becoming attracted to how his voice sounded. He was saying something very appropriate but my reaction was to say “Right”. Then because I was feeling so comfortable at his voice and a certain attraction, I said “Right” again with more emphasis. It felt like a reaction to what he was saying and his voice, even though I was aware on some level. But I felt bad as soon as I said it, like I did something wrong. Did I mortally sin in this situation? Should I go back and tell him this or would that be in appropriate? Thank you for listening.

“Did I mortally sin in this situation?”

Let me ask this: what commandment or precept of the Church did you break here? None. Therefore, you did not mortally sin. You did not even venially sin.

God bless.

Do you mean “right” as in “yes I agree” or “right” as in “oh yeah sure”–sarcasm?
I usually quietly say yes, or sure, or right as the priest offers me advice during my confession. I think it’s polite to let him know you are hearing him and affirming what he is saying. If you were sarcastic, I still doubt it would be mortal sin territory since you had no intent to be rude or disrespectful. Try to focus on the forgiveness you received and God’s love for you today!!

Thank you for your response. With my OCD, any thought or feeling of an attraction or sexual nature feels sinful. I suppose I felt like this was one of those situations and I was aware on some level but because I was feeling relieved by his response and attraction to his voice my reply came quickly. God bless you too.

I didn’t mean “right” sarcastically at all. I found myself kind of attracted to his voice and in the moment said " right" because I was agreeing with him. I was concerned I was too overly enthusiastic and that my response sounded flirtatious.

Put your Trust in the Lord and leave all these queries with Him who understands, you have gone to Confession, confessed to the Lord, who knows our thoughts anyway, and have been given absolution - go in Peace with the Lord. Don’t look back.

Thank all of you for your replies. They are much appreciated for a mind that never stops wondering and worrying. God bless you all.

I think it’s possible to find certain aspects of a priest attractive without being sinful. Sometimes my pastor speaks in a very soothing voice during Confession-calms me right down and I appreciate that. I think his voice is attractive but that hasn’t led to sin in my case.

Hope this helps. God bless you. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. I don’t know if my situation is a sin because in my mind my reply felt a bit flirtatious because of the comment he made. While his comment was totally appropriate, there was a lightheartedness in it. I got caught up in the moment and my response was a bit too eager agreeing with what he said. Does that sound sinful? I know I didn’t stop and think about it. It was just one, continuous exchange. Thanks again.

A general recommendation not specifically directed at any previous poster here.

Folks, please, please, when responding to someone who is obviously struggling with scrupulosity, DO NOT express your own doubts, ask for details, go into sidebars, what ifs, personal anecdotes, armchair psychology or anything of the sort. Gently but succinctly and firmly state that no sin is involved PERIOD. To do otherwise is never helpful and sometimes harmful.

In a kind but again firm way confirm that the poster is being scrupulous and encourage them to seek counselling if it seems appropriate.

I am sorry. I was just trying to be as helpful as I could. I had no way of knowing that my post would in any way make it worse-excuse me for that. Makes me not want to be on these forums at all.

As I stated, this was not aimed at you or anyone here. I just know from working with folks struggling with scrupulosity that the slightest little thing can immediately mushroom into their next doubt.

Please continue your kind efforts to help these individuals recognize their scrupulosity for what it is and encourage them to resist it with the help of their confessor or other counsellor.

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