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I am in quite a predicament and have no idea what to do. About a year ago I went to confession to get a pretty greivous sin off my chest but when I did I felt as though the preist I confessed to (my pastor) was rather shocked by it. In any case I felt as though he were judging me. Later I felt very strange about the event and wanted to kind of re-confess it. But that didn’t seem right either. Since then I’ve fallen into the sin again and I went to confession a few times going in with the intention of confessing it, but I was never able to (to my grief). And that’s even worse! After thinking about this situation for a few days I truely feel like a dog but am afraid to go in. Am I just being silly and prideful? Thanks in advance for advice,

You seem to be being just a normal human being. How shocking!

Go to another priest. There are many of them out there. If you feel the need after a good thorough examination of your conscience, just go. If you are sincere in confession and truthful, even if a priest is shocked, do not worry about it. Accept the absolution, do your penance and make a firm effort to sin no more.

God loves ya kid, remember that.

I would try another priest too. Mot of us have had times in our lives, where we did things that we can’t believe we did, and have struggles that we are still trying to overcome. That’s why there are so many metaphors for us carrying crosses. Some ways of behavior are very difficult to permanently shake, and may even be a struggle for us our whole lives.

I agree with many of the ideas behind Vatican II, but I wish they still had the confessionals where we did not have to look the priest in the eye and see if he is shocked by what we tell him. I also feel that confession is such a rush now. Supposedly it is offered here before the Saturday vigil, but I stopped attending the vigil once it was changed to Spanish only service. And then the priest is never there a full hour or even half hour before mass.

Do you live near a city with a shrine? I sometimes think those are the best palces to go for confession, if something is really bothering you, beucase the ones I have visited have had many, many confessors on hand. Theyhear all kinds of things. You can talk as long as you want, because they are there for so long.

wow Tori, you could have perfectly described a situation I had about a year ago, so you are definitely not alone. There’s great advice here- like the ones about going to another parish or using the Confessional screen. Also, keep preparing for it, you know, examination of conscience, reading up on how to make a better Confession, a lot of prayer, etc. I’m sure you can also find TONS of info in the sacraments forum; there are about a million threads on people anxious about Confession with good advice for each!

I’ll pray for you- remember that you aren’t alone in this!!

i would also recommend finding another priest. i like to go to different priests for confession anyway - it helps me get different perspectives, and i get different advice on how to deal with recurring sin.

Listen to those in this thread above me… go to another priest… but go and get this off your mind and heart… it will eat you up if you sit on it… it can make life miserable… it seems from your tone that you are close to that now…

not a sinless person in these threads… we all know exactly where your coming from… you are not alone… go to confession… :thumbsup:

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