Confession Question


I was replying to the Hamburglar, and it reminded me of something.

Years ago, I had been reflecting on Mary’s role in Jesus’ redemptrive mission. I don’t know who it was, but I remember someone telling me, “Write down what I am going to tell you…” And I did. I didn’t know if what I had written was theologically correct, so I checked some Church documents, and, as it turns out, it was correct.

I remember, a few days after this, I got a sudden urge to tell people about this message. I don’t know where it came from, but it just came over. I was afraid, because I didn’t want to reveal the message; I thought it would be uncharitable, a blow against humility. But I decided to do it anyways. I created an article on Wikipedia about Mary as Co-Redemptrix, and inserted into it the very message I had received.

But then I got attacked by lots of doubts, which kept telling me not to spread the message, because it was wrong and I was stupid for believing it. The doubts becam so overwhelming that I submitted the message to EWTN, asking them if it was correct. I was told it was, and the priest who answered gave a clarification. I added this clarification to the message on Wikipedia’s article. (The article, by the way, has since been a battle ground)

My question is, did I sin?


I am confused at to what you think your sin would be? You had no intention, you didn’t lie, you didn’t steal, you didn’t covet, go down the list. I don’t see where you could have. You sought spiritual direction. If it were to cast a negative light upon Our Lady or something, but you are promoting her union with Jesus. It’s a wording thing that gets people all worked up over Mediatrix, Co Redemer, etc. we are all part of the redeming if we unite our sufferings, persecutions and lives with Jesus on the Cross.
Satan is the liar and thief.
Call upon your guardian angel to assist you. I often will send my angel to someone elses angel to clarify situation. I have done it more than once in regards to court issues with my son. I send mine to the Judges asking for holy inspiration, justice etc. They are our messengers. Use them to defend yourself and Mary if it is the debate that is going on, that is not a sin on your part, Mary wants to be known by that title among many. Prayer and dialogue for the proclamation of the Kingdom of God are part of the work at hand.
I have no idea how to do that Wiki thing, but last I looked the Rosary needed to be expanded and clarified. You are braver than me, I see it as a charitable work. There are all sorts of ways of spreading the message and recieving it. Kind of like there are all sorts of ways to get sober, some work for one and some for others, not all recieve in the same manner. God works in mysterious ways…hey…you can be a mystery writer! :wink:


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