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If someone is in the state of mortal sin and they go to their church to go to confession with a full intent to make a good and valid confession. Let’s say the line is much longer than expected or some of the people take a long time in the confessional and the priest doesn’t have time to hear everyone’s confession before starting the Mass. By my understanding, if the person in question were to die, the sin would not be held against them because God knows what their intent was. However, assuming they don’t die, (:)) would they be able to receive Holy Communion at that Mass?

i found this in the catechism:

Para. 1415: Anyone who desires to receive Christ in Eucharistic communion must be in the state of grace. Anyone aware of having sinned mortally must not receive  communion without first having received absolution in the sacrament  of Penance.

when u commit and are truly aware of a mortal sin, If you can not see the priest , because of lots of people, I would suggest go to the Priest at the end of mass and let him know. More then likely he will see u after mass , or you maybe able to make appointment with him. Hope this helps.



If you’re in a state of mortal sin, go to confession, then receive communion.

Push all those people in line if you’re about to die, and then tell the priest you’re sorry for pushing people.

That’s what I would do.

This is an ongoing frustration at my parish. We have only 30min of confession available each week. It’s not right before Mass, but it is limited to 30min. It doesn’t matter how many people are still waiting for a turn, when the clock strikes, our priest leaves the confessional. I’ve taken to going to confession at a different parish nearly an hour away. I can’t take the disappointment and empty feeling that comes from wanting reconciliation, getting that close to it, and then leaving completely empty.

At least you get some extra penance when you’re done :slight_smile:

There was a church I used to go to where, during normal confession time, people would go in and basically have counseling sessions with the priest. It was not uncommon for a single person to take 20 minutes. Needless to say, I quit trying to go to that parish for confession. Now I go to one where the priest thinks Jesus is just as present in the school’s adjacent playing field as he is in the church, in the tabernacle. But at least I get in! :eek:

First of all, if you have reason to believe that you are in a state of mortal sin, it is probably prudent to refrain from receiving the Eucharist until after you receive the sacrament of reconciliation. Logistics or priest availability doesn’t change that. Not receiving the Eucharist one Sunday is not the end of the world…not receiving absolution for a mortal sin could potentially be. So, sit in your pew at communion until you can sit in the confessional.

Whether one’s mortal sin will be held against one should one die before getting to confession is not certain, but it does remain a possibility. We can rejoice that we have an intermediary in Christ to plead our case before a just, merciful Father. Nevertheless, one should not be cavalier on the matter.

Best option of course is to do everything one can do to avoid mortal sin.

If you were waiting in line and the priest got ready for mass. I would say YES you can go to communion because you had the intention.

You could also said an ACT OF CONTRIION, but you are obligated to go to confession next week to remove that sin.

Again, you the perfect motive and intention.


With all due respect, I do not believe you are correct here. Intention alone does not put some kind of band aid on the soul until one can get to confession. Only the absolution given in the sacrament or a perfect act of contrition can put one in a state of grace in order to receive the Eucharist. Since the latter is highly subjective and largely unknowable, the former is what is needed.

That is correct…Perfect Contrition IS THE ONLY way outside of the Sacrament to to remove the temporal punishment due to sin and restore one to a State of Grace with God…Once again, I have seen very poor advice offered by certain people on this forum…advice that could cause a fellow Catholic to receive The Body of Christ in a state of mortal sin…Provigil, I can not count on one hand the number of times I have seen you give extremely poor advice in matters of Confession on various threads throughout this forum…PLEASE refrain from doing so because you may lead others into sin with your advice…It IS WRONG. I am not trying to be uncharitable…however, I feel it is necessary to point out that your advice is wrong and should not be followed, because I would rather get flamed for being accused of being rude as opposed to someone taking your advice and receiving Holy Communion in a state of mortal sin…what is the lesser of two evils?


Forgive me for being perfect.

I have’t never seen anyone as DISRESPECTFUL as you towards me. What is your problem?

You need to ask God’s forgiveness in the you treat people. I am not bragging, but I think I earned my MA in counseling from The Catholic Uiversity of America and my MA in Theology from The Pontifical Seminary Josephim, the only seminary Rome ownes, and I trhink I deserve my PhD.

In your confession, you should tell the priest how rude you are, making false accusations. things about the Pope. I NEVER had any one speak to me like you have. You have a lot of growing up to do and if you cannot be charitable to me, than DO NOT ADDRESS any “SCARCASTIC REMARKS” to me.

For your information, I had the best thelogy there is and furthermore I do not need to explain this to you. If I had you in myu classroom and you spoke that way, you definetly would be EXPELLED for the rest of the year.

It is so easy to critize when we have all the right answers.

I would advise you to examined your conscience, if you h ave any, and STOP dowing the Cathollic Church. your responses make me wonder if you are a REAL CATHOLIC.

If you have nothing nice to say to me, than CUT IT OUT.

It’s quite quaint the advice I have given 30 people write and told me. Do you think they look in phonebooks and say, ah, let us choose this person.

May God have pity on you in the way you treat people.

Have a nice day AND DO NOT RESPOND TO any advive I have given You proclaim that you know it all. well y9ou better be the next person in the Confessional–have you never heard the VIRTURE of CHARITY. Try reading the Catholi Catechism and you might learn something/

Eeek, I don’t want to get in between you both, but you bring up an interesting discussion.

I have always understood that by offering an act of perfect contrition your sins will be forgiven, although the stain of the mortal sin remains until receiving sacramental reconcilliation. In which case, the OPer should not receive the Eucharist even with good intentions because in doing so he would expose the Eucharist to contact with sin.

I don’t bring this up to argue, I’m just wondering now if I’ve been wrong.

In this discussion of confession, If you are going to confession and are hit by a car and die or whatever your sins are forgiven because you had the intension of going to confession. If however you are tired of waiting or someone is taking too long by no means receive the Eucharist with a grave sin on your soul. Wait until you confess the sin before receiving communion. There are many churches where you can go to the rectory for confession and I am sure if you told the priest that you have a mortal sin to confess he would hear you confession as soon as possible.

There obviously appears to be a history between the two of you and I don’t know what transpired in the past (nor do I want to know) but based on the comments in this thread, I see nothing disrepectful in Michaldaniels reply to you.

You provided incorrect advise which could lead others into sin. Church Canon Law 916 is very clear on this matter: “A person who is conscious of a grave sin is not to receive the body of the Lord without prior sacramental confession unless a grave reason is present and there is no opportunity of confessing; in this case the person is to be mindful of the obligation to make an act of perfect contrition, including the intention of confessing as soon as possible” (Source) … there are very few grave reasons why a person would HAVE TO receive the Eucharist. A priest who had to say Mass would be one example. I can’t think of too many other ones but I am sure that they exist.

There is no sin in correcting someone who has offered incorrect and potentially dangerous (with regards to advising people to receive our Lord while in a state of mortal sin and thereby committing another mortal sin) advise. However, YOUR reply was most uncharitable and reflects negatively on you.

This is the OPINION of an independent observer because I know neither one of you from a hole in the wall.

No, you were not wrong. Provigil offered advise which conflicts with official Church teaching, specifically Church Canon Law 916 (see my comments above).

Agreed with Sir Knight.

You, Provigil, might want to refrain from demanding someone head to confession when you are the one in error.

We are obligated to be at Mass every Sunday and Holy Day, but we are only obligated to receive Holy Communion once a year. There is no shame in going to Mass and not receiving Communion. It could be that you did not observe the fast, that you are feeling a bit ill, or indeed that you need to go to confession. Our priests tell us that if there is a concern in your mind to simply refrain from Communion. During that time you can make your Act of Contrition and say a prayer of Spiritual Communion. At your next earliest opportunity (right after that Mass?), ask the priest to hear you confession. You can then go to the next available Mass to receive Communion.

Well said. We must not forget that the Eucharist is about our relationship with Jesus because it places us in communion with Him as He enters into our soul and since sin is very offensive to God, if we love our Lord, we would not want to invite Him into a soul stained with mortal sin.

As others have stated, this is incorrect. This is not in line with the CCC and Canon Law.

The only way one can recieve communion in mortal sin is in an emergency. We are not obligated to recieve communion every time we go to mass.

michealdaniels said nothing wrong in this thread. He has given correct advice regrading mortal sin, confession and the recption of the Eucharist. I suggest you read the Catholic Catechism regarding this topic.

Also, please be mindful that telling people that they can take the Eurcharist in a state of mortal sin, without sacramental confession beforehand is scandal.

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