Confession Question

Hi…I feel this kind of a dumb question, but having grown up with the OF Mass, I don’t know if there anything different that I have to do if I go to Confession at an EF parish? :confused:

I’ve been to Mass there, and it will be the most convenient place for me to go to Mass on certain weekdays. They offer Confession 30 minutes before most daily Masses, and I want to go.

But I’ve never gone to Confession and an EF parish, and am a little nervous to do so. :blush: Outside of what I know: “Bless me, Father…it’s been __ since my last confession… confessing… listening to counsel and admonitions… making an Act of Contrition… (hopefully) obtaining Absolution for my contrition… doing my assigned penance” Is there anything else?

Thanks! -Mike

Mike, you may find that the priest gives you the absolution in Latin at the same time that you say your Act of Contrition. Some people get confused with this, because they don’t hear the words of absolution, but it’s the way things were done for a long, long time before the liturgical changes of 40 years ago.


Hmm…I’ve gotten that before. Thanks Betsy!

Is that it?

Peace, -Mike

is reallly???

maybe it is right

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