Confession Question

I went to confession awhile back and confessed that I looked at pornography a couple times. I also confessed another sin that (I wont go into too much detail) was committed because I had done this. I did confess this sin, but I figured I’d be able to leave out why it was commited because I had already confessed about the pornography. Now I’m starting to realize that I probably shouldve confessed that the sin was commited because of the pornography, and I’m worrying that it wasn’t a valid confession. Am I being too scrupulous?


We are required to confess our sins in number. We do not have to get into the reason we committed a certain sin.

It wouldn’t be much different that me confessing, “I yelled profanities at two people.” I don’t need to go into detail that I did it because I was cut off in traffic.

It might help to include such things to a regular confessor. Then he could be better equipped to help you avoid sin in the future. Not doing so will not affect the validity of the sacrament.

I hope this helps.

I don’t think sobecause you say that you went in a round about way but your intensions were good. Remember God knowseverything and we can not fool him. Soif I was you, I would tell the prist what you did and that way you will not have to ask yourself the same question. God bless you. Yours in Christ Jesus, Dcn. Paul Hinojos

Those two sins tend to go together, so I don’t think you had an obligation to specify that they went together.

Hahaha I don’t think it was the sin you’re thinking of.

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